How To Explain Roth Conversions

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Advisors often get overexcited and overwhelm clients when discussing Roth conversions. Here’s how to dial back and effectively communicate this tax-saving strategy.

We’re intentional about every aspect of our client interactions, from the speed at which we speak to the words we use and even our body language in the conference room.

Yet, regarding Roth conversions, advisors get over-excited and recite everything they ever learned about this tax-saving strategy to clients.

Clients leave the meeting feeling overwhelmed and unable to explain their reasons for using a Roth conversion to their CPAs, spouse, or adult children.

Your clients hired you to help them make educated and informed decisions about their finances, not to make them more challenging. When explaining Roth conversions, clients often need less information, not more.

In your practice, how are you communicating Roth conversions to clients at a level they can understand?