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Are you creating videos yet? Many financial advisors are.

Research has found that 52% of financial advisors leverage video with clients, and 49% use video to reach potential prospects. (Source)

Today, let’s look at one advisor’s YouTube channel and talk about essential best practices. In just seven minutes, you'll get an overview of effective video titles, how to think about views, increase engagement, grow ROI through clear calls to action, and more. Click the video above to watch!

Next: What’s on your mind? Send me any marketing questions and I’ll create a short video like this to help you out. This is a free resource from Ficomm, and we love to do it!

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Carolyn Dalle-Molle, an accomplished growth marketer, boasts a proven track record with a realistic, iterative approach to marketing. As VP of Consulting and Innovation at Ficomm Partners, she shares her wealth of marketing expertise with purpose-driven financial advisors. Dalle-Molle began her career at a top SEO firm in Boston, where she witnessed the transformative impact of a brand’s digital presence. Beyond search, she has excelled in diverse marketing roles, notably increasing a fintech company's lead list from 5,000 to an impressive 30,000 in just two years with no budget. Later, hired by two MIT co-founders, Dalle-Molle skillfully led a small team to achieve an 8x increase in sales in under one year. Most recently, as the in-house marketing consultant at XY Planning Network, she played a pivotal role in supporting the growth of over 1,600 advisor members. Dalle-Molle is a mother of two, antique homeowner, garden hobbyist, and lover of design.

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