Google Shows AI Model Is Enterprise-Ready After Gemini Mishaps

Google unveiled a host of updates to its artificial intelligence offerings for cloud computing customers, emphasizing that the technology is safe and ready for use in the corporate realm, despite recent stumbles in consumer-facing tools.

At the company’s annual cloud computing conference in Las Vegas on Tuesday, Cloud Chief Executive Officer Thomas Kurian showed off how Google’s most powerful AI model, Gemini, can be used to create advertisements, ward off cybersecurity threats and spin up short videos and podcasts.

Corporate customers will be able to peg Gemini’s query responses to reliable sources of information, known as grounding. The company is rolling out the use of Google search results as a source for the AI model’s answers, thereby providing greater accuracy and freshness, Kurian said.

“Enterprises have been piloting with us a number of scenarios with generative AI; now they’re deploying them in production,” Kurian said in an interview with Bloomberg ahead of the announcements. “The capabilities to do things like grounding, improving correctness of answers — all of those, step by step, people have gotten comfortable, they’re seeing value, and they’re deploying as a result.”

Google, a unit of Alphabet Inc., trails Inc. and Microsoft Corp. in cloud computing, but the market is one of the tech giant’s best bets for growth as its core search advertising business matures. Google reported the first full year of profitability at its cloud unit in 2023 and hopes to use its prowess in AI to close the gap with rivals. After OpenAI’s ChatGPT burst onto the scene in late 2022 and was quickly embraced by college students and the general public, Google and its cloud competitors see 2024 as the year the technology conquers the corporate world.