The $200,000 Logo and Other Marketing Disasters

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A successful RIA hired a designer and spent $200,000 on a new logo as part of a project to create a new digital presence.

The firm spent most of its budget on design and had little left over for marketers, media, promotion, and lead generation.

What are some of the common advisor marketing traps?

How can your firm avoid a major marketing disaster?

Turning a one-legged marketing tactic into a three-legged marketing stool

An advisor in a one-company town in Ohio loved to talk about retirement planning, so he created an educational seminar program for the employees.

He hosted quarterly seminars with between 20 and 30 participants in each one and signed-up an average of two great clients from each program.

This went on for years, and these seminars were so successful he never followed-up with attendees who requested appointments but did not show to the first appointment.

The advisor did little client marketing and had no referral system.