Capturing Investor Mindsets to Create a More Meaningful Investing Experience: “The Change Maker”

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Advisors who once leaned heavily on selling their expertise as money managers are realizing the value of asking better questions instead. Rather than an investment experience rooted in performance, advisors who more deeply understand every investor's particular goals, values, interests, and behaviors can shape client portfolios around that understanding.

The data continues to suggest that investors want more than just an annual meeting and a portfolio statement when it comes to investing. They want a partner in their investing journey – an advisor who knows them, understands their goals, and shares meaningful insights about why they own the specific assets in their portfolios.

Meaningful mindsets: The change maker

At Seeds Investor, we've introduced advanced assessment tools that allow advisors to categorize clients into nine unique investor mindsets. This method not only aids in crafting personalized portfolios but offers valuable insights to bolster client interactions. Whereas the previous articles in this series delved into the "balanced believer" and “private investigator” mindsets, this final piece shines a light on the "change maker.”

Individuals with this mindset typically:

  • Prefer a high-level understanding of their portfolio, rather than every minute detail;
  • Care deeply about how their investments impact the world around them;
  • Want to ensure their investments align with their personal and financial goals; and
  • Show interest in the newest investment trends, mainly as they align with their values.