Ask Brad: The Best $20 You Can Spend on Marketing

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I am not a marketing guru, nor do I profess to be one.

But a recent experience reminded me how much low-hanging fruit is still ripe to be picked in our profession.

Those who have followed me over the years know of the RIA explanatory videos/podcasts I create each month explaining how to transition your practice to the RIA model. (Shameless plug, check them out at

I recorded a recent episode where I discussed the process of how to choose and obtain a website domain (URL) for a new practice (i.e., the “.com” of a website.).

I discussed the steps involved with logistically buying a domain and covered strategies for picking a name to use.

I referenced how some advisors choose a domain that reflects the name of their advisory firm. Ex:

Other advisors obtain a domain that is descriptive of their clientele.