In Memory of My Dad, Alfred Munro Flaxington

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Dear Readers,

As most who read my work know, I have been focused on the “human element” in our profession for my career. While the profession mostly deals in numbers, the black and white if you will, of the financial elements and the legal aspects, underlying all of what financial advisors do is the human side. Unfortunately, most education and training focuses on the technical side.

For this week’s column, I hope you will indulge me in a bit of selfishness. I lost my dad, Alfred Munro Flaxington, this past weekend. We had an extremely close relationship and while he has been ill and we are happy he has been released from his pain, it is a difficult experience, as anyone knows who has lost a parent – or any loved one. I’ll take the opportunity to outline some learnings that will be helpful to financial advisors as reminders while you work with your clients in wellness, knowing we can never predict what could be coming next: