My Boss is Horrible and I’m Losing Hope

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Dear Bev,

I’m tired of working for someone who is always angry. Nothing we do is good enough. He “blows off steam,” berating us and pointing out our flaws and embarrassing us in front of colleagues and clients. He will never apologize, but later he always says, “You know how I am!” Yes, we know how he is, but that doesn’t mean we should be asked to take it and not have issues with the treatment.

We recently hired a coach to work with the team. The coach is fine, but he doesn’t push back on this behavior. On the side, he will tell us, “You need to understand he is in charge.”

Bringing in a coach, we hoped things would shift and the coach would point out the negativity of this behavior.

But I’m losing hope.

When I say I am tired, I mean legitimately tired. My spouse is frustrated, because on weekends I have no energy to do anything, I want to stay in bed and sleep. This behavior is affecting my health and my personal relationships.