Amazon Joins Generative AI Race, Targets Tech at Cloud Customers Inc. is joining Microsoft Corp. and Google in the generative artificial intelligence race, announcing technology aimed at its cloud customers as well as a marketplace for AI tools from other companies.

The e-commerce giant’s Amazon Web Services unit on Thursday plans to announce two of its own large-language models, one designed to generate text, and another that could help power web search personalization, among other things. Amazon announced no plans to release a chatbot like the ones Microsoft and Google have debuted to mixed reviews.

Amazon’s large-language models, called Titan, were trained on vast amounts of text to summarize content, write a draft of a blog post or engage in open-ended question-and-answer sessions. They’ll be made available on an AWS marketplace, called Bedrock, where developers can tap into models built by other companies plugging away at generative AI, including AI21 Labs, Anthropic and Stability AI.

Generative AI, software that can create text, images, or video based on prompts from a user, has captured the imagination of Silicon Valley, setting off a fierce competition to capitalize on the technology. Proponents of chatbots like ChatGPT and image-generation tools such as Dall-E believe generative AI will revolutionize the kinds of tasks performed by software.