What To Say When Someone is Lying

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Having four kids under nine years old, I get lied to a lot. Not just by my kids – but by the school, the insurance company, the babysitters – everyone is trying to put one past me.

Here are five ways to respond when you know someone is lying, blowing you off, or dodging your questions.

Reclaim the truth, reclaim your value

Yeah, I’ve heard the adage about how truth can stand on its own.

That was before TikTok and the Kardashians.

These days people are in La La Land. They have lost their moral foundation and there is no accountability. There is no such thing as “the truth”; it’s all about “my truth,” and everyone can have their version of reality.

Before we go any further, I need everyone reading this to understand one thing: you cannot tolerate lies if you want to help the people who need you.

I’ll repeat that:

You cannot tolerate lies.