The Secret to Making the Sale in 2023

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Many advisors believe they are trustworthy (which they are), but it completely perplexes them as to why they don’t see a steady stream of new clients.

They say to me, “Ari, I’m a trusted advisor in my space... why am I still having to hunt for new clients? Isn’t trust everything?”

I say to them, “In 2023, trust is only half of the equation, The other half is authority.”

The fact you are a trusted advisor with your current clients has zero relevance to your prospects, who don’t yet have a long-standing relationship with you.

They may be aware of who you are, but they are seeing other advisors similar to you, offering similar services.

This may come as a shock, but the trust equity you have with your clients has no leverage in acquiring new clients (except for occasional client referrals) who don’t know you.