The Five Critical Cybersecurity Protection Measures

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Several weeks ago, a financial planner came to me for advice. Hackers had been attempting to compromise his RIA firm’s QuickBooks online package, even though he had text and SMS authentication in place. The attacker was able to log in and was attempting to send out invoices to customers to steal money. Fortunately, he was able to change passwords before any damage was done.

But it got him worried about next time.

Keeping up with cybersecurity feels like a game of cat and mouse. Unsuspecting users get lured into traps by hackers seeking to gain access to vital information. As hackers get better, security technology gets better, so the hackers get better. The game keeps going in a circle from which none of us will ever escape.

Cybersecurity threats become exponentially serious for RIA firms, especially when there’s hundreds of millions of dollars at stake. As a RIA, it’s pivotal to protect yourself, your employees and your firm. One wrong move by anyone in your firm could lead to crucial data getting dropped into the wrong hands.