Use a Conversion Page to Get More Leads

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Is your web site optimized to bring in more leads? Are your web visitors getting enough information to prompt them to schedule a meeting? Or are you missing an opportunity to maximize your leads by not clearly defining your processes and calling visitors to action?

To differentiate yourself and generate more leads, your web site should clearly show the relevant experience you have with assisting your ideal client type. It should guide your audience down a clear path toward conversion.

I cannot emphasize enough the importance of including a conversion page in a site build. Adding a conversion page to your web site helps you not only differentiate yourself from your competition but also encourages more prospective leads to get in touch with you.

One of my firm’s clients, Riverbend Wealth Management, implemented a conversion page to clearly define their ideal type of client, explain their client process and guide visitors toward scheduling a consultation. These features create a strong conversion page for Riverbend, which encourages more qualified leads to schedule a consultation.

1. Define your ideal client

Every advisor has their own idea of the perfect client, whether it is based on income or assets under management, demographics, goals or values. Make sure that your visitors know what your client criteria are so that they can determine whether they’re the right fit for you. This will save you from having to filter out clients over the phone while helping you better attract your ideal client.

If you have case studies on your website, you can incorporate that content into your conversion page. Riverbend’s home page introduces three case studies: A business owner, a couple transitioning into retirement and a relocated retiree.

These ideal client types are then reiterated on its “complimentary assessment” conversion page in the section above. By explicitly outlining which types of clients are the best fit for them, Riverbend can quickly filter out who is the right client and who is not.