The Best Media Sources for Clients

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Last week I wrote about how biased media harms financial health. This week let’s look at some media sites that provide a healthy diet of news.

I recently asked an investor who had a history of making poor financial decisions to send me a list of his sources for news that impacted his financial decisions. They were all extreme in their political bent, with very low to mixed probability of being factual. There was little question why his investment decisions hadn’t worked out well.

If you want to check the balance of your own media diet, the two bias-checking sites I use are Media Bias/Fact Check and Ad Fontes Media. Media Bias/Fact Check ranks sources ideologically as Extreme Left, Left, Left Center, Least Biased, Right Center, Right, or Extreme Right; it rates factual accuracy as Very High, High, Mostly Factual, Mixed, Low, or Very Low. Ad Fontes Media gives a numerical ranking based on Source Reliability from a low of 8 (Contains Misleading Info) to a high of 56 (Fact Reporting); its scale for Political Bias ranges from -30 (extreme left) to +30 (extreme right).

I have done my best for years to consume media that is close to center and factual. I look for Media Bias rankings of right-center, least-biased, or left-center and an Ad Fontes bias rating of -/+5 or less, along with factual ratings of very high, high, or mostly factual and an Ad Fontes factual rating of 40 or more. I also add some hard right-leaning and left sources to my diet, which are Fox News and CNN.