What We Learned in Fiduciary September

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The Institute for the Fiduciary Standard Fiduciary’s September 2022 program was completed October 6 with a Practicing Law Institute podcast.

The program is the largest annual conversation of advisors, brokers, scholars and experts focused on the importance of fiduciary advice. This year, 34 speakers on 10 panels spoke on fiduciary principles.

What did we learn?

We learned (or were reminded of high school English class) that, “all the world’s a stage.” And who are the main actors: advisors, planners, lawyers, scholars, jurists and regulators.

Scholars and experts spoke on the state of advice and Reg BI. Financial planners covered the FPA legal victory over the SEC in 2007 and the ”new FPA” in 2022. Millennial planners spoke on the future of financial planning. NASAA members spoke on the threat of “finfluencers” on social media. Fiduciary September recordings can be found here.