Six Advisor Sites that Nailed Their Homepage Messaging

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A website is a lot like an elevator pitch – you have a short time to deliver a strong first impression. The amount of time it takes to form an opinion of a site is remarkably quick, with an average time of 50 milliseconds. With such a limited time to inform the opinion of visitors, a strong homepage design becomes critical.

A great home page must fit your brand’s goals and align with your niche. In financial services, a strong homepage is built from memorable imagery and a clear value proposition, helping potential clients understand the value of working with you and what makes you different from competitors.

To ensure your homepage is set up for success, I’ve listed six advisor sites that nailed their homepage messaging through copy and design.

  1. WizdomOne Group

The Wizdom homepage oozes style the second the page appears. A set of videos in the background shows off different areas of business, from large companies to small family-run stores. It instantly catches your attention and shows you who they help with their services, along with a center-screen CTA.

Scrolling further down, they give a short description of who they serve and what they offer, with a shortcut to a more detailed page. Below is who you’ll be working with, instantly creating a connection and putting a face to the business. Wizdom’s homepage is short and sweet, which makes it so wonderful. It’s easy to navigate and gives all the information a first-time or returning visitor needs.

  1. Kristen Heller

Another website that showcases that simple is best is Kristen Heller. Its homepage tells you precisely what she does: "Impartial Advice for Busy Professionals.” It is followed by a CTA inviting page visitors to talk. Her homepage’s message is that she’s ready to start giving advice and talking strategy. You just have to make the first move.

The homepage also generously offers curated articles, videos, and more. The quick and easy way to contact Kristen shows that she’s ready to start talking with you to help plan your financial future.