A Warning About Advisor Marketing

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These are challenging times to market yourself as a financial advisor. There was the pandemic, whose aftershocks still rattle us. The recent upheaval in the markets hasn’t helped. Who wants to talk about managing their wealth when the leading indexes keep posting down arrows day after day?

But tough times are not an excuse to stop marketing. When you do that, your career will suffer from neglect and inaction.

Now is the time to pause, reexamine the environment and its conditions, and devise a strategy for promoting your services to new clients. And applying some helpful dos, and don’ts will go a long way toward making your effort successful while steering clear of pitfalls.

I’ve been talking a lot about marketing in recent months on my “Bridging the Gap” podcast with marketers, content writers, consultants, and fellow advisors. Regardless of their area of expertise, a common thread emerged in those conversations about growing your practice: Find your niche.