Is Your Marketing Honest? The 17-Point Test

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I have a vision of a profession where the most straightforward advisors, not the coolest ones with the best spiel, rise to the top. To achieve that ideal, here are 17 ways that acting more honestly than the competition will win more clients.

To communicate with more transparency, read this article. (If not, get away from other people’s money until you get a life coach and clean up your act.)

The truth never hurts anyone – but deceit does!

Let’s get out of the mindset that marketing is about flexing, being likeable and currying favor. Instead let’s use words to convey straightforward truths, allowing the prospect to be free to make the right decision – whether or not it goes in your favor.

  • If somebody decides not to do business with you because you were upfront and direct about something, you were talking to the wrong prospect. The right person will be impressed – go get their attention instead. It’s not honesty’s fault you got the wrong person’s attention.
  • Absolute honesty is the hardest thing for the competition to beat because it’s a risk not many will take. If you deliver honesty correctly, it puts you way ahead – not behind!
  • Honesty is strength. It dispels confusion. Total clarity is the best possible way to win the deal.

It’s an instinct that we all have – fight or flight – when we’re being manipulated or cornered, whether or not we realize it. Communication that puts people in the position of freedom rather than manipulation is the superior way to market yourself.