Book Review: Your Essential Guide to Sustainable Investing

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My first experience with sustainable investing was over 20 years ago, and I can classify my experience in a single word: confusing. I was a research assistant for a Wharton professor – Chris Geczy – who was working on an academic paper, “Investing in Socially Responsible Mutual Funds” (eventually published in the Review of Asset Pricing Studies). My job was to hand collect the data from an ad hoc assortment of databases and qualitative resources to determine which funds should be designated “socially responsible.” The job was incredibly challenging because there was no classification guidebook. The job left me disillusioned with socially responsible, sustainable, ESG, impact investing – and whatever other words people used to identify this brand of investing. Yuck!

Fast forward 20 years. I still consider the sustainable investing category confusing. However, Larry Swedroe and Sam Adams’ new book, Your Essential Guide to Sustainable Investing, solved my problem.

Sustainable investing is no longer confusing.

Swedroe is a prolific author who has written 17 books and thousands of articles on investments and financial planning. He serves as the chief research officer at Buckingham Strategic Wealth.

Adams is an expert in making sustainable investing more accessible for investment and financial-planning professionals. Sam spent almost two decades with Dimensional Fund Advisors and is currently the CEO of Vert Asset management.