How to Refine Your Recruiting Skills

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As a manager, you’re responsible for a variety of business-building activities, one of which is recruiting advisors or reps to your firm. Unfortunately, in my years of experience as a coach and trainer, I have seen far too many managers who have never been trained or given a process for recruiting.

To better understand how to combat the recruiting challenges managers face within the industry, my firm conducted a study on the effectiveness of training and coaching managers to succeed at recruiting. The results were eye-opening – trained participants increased meetings (virtual and face-to-face) with viable recruits by 314% and the number of interested recruits added to their pipeline increased by 372%.

In this article, I’ll explore the four stages of personal performance study participants went through that improved their ability to recruit. I’m confident you also will benefit when taking a similar journey:

Stage 1. Unaware and underperforming: Don’t know that you need to change the way you are doing things, leading to sub-optimal results.

Stage 2. Aware and underperforming: You know you need to do things differently, but you’re not sure what or how.

Stage 3. Aware and optimal performance: You know what you need to do differently and you’re doing it, but it still isn’t producing the results you were expecting.

Stage 4. Unaware and optimal performance: You’ve practiced the skill enough that it is an integral part of your process and you perform it effortlessly.

To illustrate my points, let’s take a journey with “John” as he progresses through the stages of development. I’ve also included solutions for overcoming each challenge.