How Four Firms Built Powerful Digital Brands

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In my 10 years of working with advisors, I’ve found that those who invest in a quality digital brand are more successful in connecting with and engaging clients.

Most prospects will land on your website first before they meet or speak with you. According to research by AdvisorEngine, 66% of prospects reported receiving 2.6 referrals from friends for financial advisors. Then they looked up each advisor online before selecting which one to contact.

Even if your business relies mostly on referrals, your website plays a critical role in creating a strong first impression and building credibility.

Your firm’s digital messaging and visual expression must all align with your ideal clients’ needs, goals and objectives.

Understanding your niche

Identifying your niche differentiates your services from other advisors and guides your marketing strategies.

I often hear advisors discuss their niche in terms of demographics and geographics. Those details are helpful, but it’s important to identify your ideal clients in terms of psychographics.