What Clients Value in a Financial Advisor

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You’ve seen it before, probably too many times to count. An investment firm rolls out a new hi-tech innovation with great fanfare and breathlessly tells its customers that this shiny new thing will revolutionize the investing experience.

And then… things pretty much stay the same.

Yes, it’s vitally important to stay up to date with technology and provide your clients with the digital tools they need and want.

But how much of that matters to the customer, and how much is just a slick dog-and-pony show to attract new business? Your honest answer reveals a lot about your company and your approach to the people whose wealth you manage.

We are a service industry. Before we try to sell clients anything, we need to stop and consider what they want.

Too often, we push features that we think clients want.

Let’s hit the “pause” button and change the perspective. Let’s switch to the client’s POV.

Clients are not shy about letting us know what they want. And it’s unbelievably simple and easy to understand. One survey after another finds the same result: A financial advisor’s skills, knowledge and behavioral coaching are consistently the most desired features of the client’s relationship with their advisor.