Three Tips to Build a Strong Culture in Remote Teams

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Now that the entire world has experienced working from home, professional life has changed forever. Whether or not your company will remain remote in the future, work-from-home days are the new normal and all firms need to strategize for how this shift impacts their company culture. Without detracting from the strong ethos you have spent years, or even decades, building, here are three ways you can build and maintain a strong culture in a remote or hybrid work environment:

1. Have a strong interview process

When you had a physical office environment, you could detect a bad hire from their poor attitude at the water cooler. Now, you must get that same sense of your team’s work ethic and values primarily over Zoom, Slack or email. A poor performer will still show themselves as such, but it is vital that you hire employees who embody the same values you and your company have and are excited to grow with your team. Big egos have a way of self-selecting themselves out of firms and they will likely make themselves apparent during the interview process. But I don’t rely on my intuition alone, and neither should you. Ask those prodding questions to get at what the person’s core values are regarding teamwork, respect and other important values your ideal hire must have. See to what extent the person can be trained and mentored in your way of doing things. If they are inflexible and seemingly incapable of change, then that’s a clue they are likely not for you.