Five Ways to Get More Referrals Online

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Advisors consistently cite referrals as their top marketing strategy for attracting ideal clients.

With advisors increasingly relying on digital marketing, the traditional referral strategies are obsolete.

Advisors who have seen their flow of referrals reduced to a trickle may be looking for new ideas.

Those who are investing in digital marketing need to stimulate more referrals online.

What are the proven referral strategies that work in digital and social media?

How can advisors leverage “online growth hacks,” marketing short cuts, to get more referrals?

Here are five winning tactics to leverage immediately for more online introductions.

1. Fix leaks in your referral bucket with a referral web page

Many advisors have holes in their referral bucket.

The most common scenario is your clients and centers of influence are telling prospects about you, but there is no referral system or next step.

And there is nowhere for those referrals to go online to start the introduction process with you and your firm.

Basic strategy: Add a web page to your website.

Growth hack: Use inviting text to make it clear that you welcome referrals and outline the first step in the process of engaging referrals.

Have contact info (ideally your direct line) and a web form with fields the referral completes including “how did you hear about us.”

Give this specific URL to your referral sources including clients, COIs, and partners.

Create a unique referral URL for key referral sources.

For example, if Main Street Estate Planners refers many new clients, create a referral web page specifically for their referrals.