How to Talk About Sports like Jerry Maguire

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According to Sports Pro, 112 million people tuned in to watch the Bengals play the Rams in the 2022 Super Bowl. If two once mediocre, schlocky franchises can turn that many heads, there’s no way advisors shouldn’t be using more sports in their marketing.

Here are five creative ideas.

Don’t talk about sports this way

Before I get into my list, let’s talk about what not to do when attempting to integrate sports into your communications.

1. Avoid tired cliches

Such as:

  • “I’m the quarterback who interfaces with your insurance, legal, and accounting professionals.”
  • “Let’s go for the slam dunk and get $5 million of whole-life insurance instead of term.”
  • “When the market takes a dive, our team steps up to the plate.”
  • “Defense wins games.”

Cheesy, overused, and you’ll sound like every other advisor. In the eyes of the prospect, you all sound the same. These will only deepen the problem.