Financial Spots Are Stars in First-Ever Crypto Super Bowl

Cryptocurrency exchanges and other financial services companies were stars amid a Super Bowl ad blitz that featured the return of many longtime sponsors and an overall more celebratory mood than last year.

The Los Angeles Rams emerged victorious, 23 to 20, over the Cincinnati Bengals in a surprisingly close match that saw the hometown team score a come-from-behind touchdown with less than two minutes left in the game. NBC, which broadcast the game, said it sold more than 70 spots, with some costing as much as $7 million for 30 seconds.

This was the first Super Bowl to feature crypto ads. Coinbase Global Inc., an exchange for the currencies, generated early online buzz with an ad featuring a QR Code that viewers had to scan to find out what the spot was about. Those who did were invited to “Sign up and get $15.”

FTX Trading Ltd., another exchange, ran an ad with comedian Larry David portraying skeptical figures during great moments in history. After scoffing at the invention of the light bulb and man landing on the moon, David suggests crypto will never amount to anything. “And I’m never wrong about this stuff,” he says.’s spot featured basketball great LeBron James looking at his past and offering advice for the future.