How Advisors Should Use their NIL to Build a Personal Brand

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I work with student-athletes looking to cash in on their name, image, and likeness (NIL). But I also work with advisors and have found there are important similarities In how they achieve marketing greatness.

NIL is your personal brand. Recent legislation allows student-athletes to profit from their brand. But successful financial advisors have been profiting from their personal brand since their careers began.

A personal brand is the foundation of your digital persona and should fuel and shape your marketing efforts. Just like a student athlete marketing their NIL, you must:

  • Understand, evaluate, and define your brand;
  • Differentiate;
  • Make a marketing plan; and
  • Execute, monitor, and adjust (until the end of time).

Understand, evaluate, and define your brand

The financial advisor brand is no longer about a fancy logo and a pretty website populated with soothing nature scenes. It’s about you! Consumers are looking to connect with the actual advisor (or team of advisors) they will be working with. Who is the person behind the brand? Who will be taking my phone calls, performing my annual reviews, and handling the most intimate details of my financial life?