A Sample Five-Paragraph Holiday Letter

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This is the time when you are preparing an end-of-year/holiday letter for your clients. Unfortunately, fewer than 1% of them are going to derive any meaning from it. Use this template to create a useful holiday letter with some pizzazz.

This article contains a template with five paragraphs. Here’s a guide, paragraph by paragraph, along with a sample letter you can use as a model.

Paragraph one

There’s no clearer way to say it: Financial advisor content is the only known non-pharmaceutical cure for insomnia. Write something invigorating, or don’t write it all. The first sentence of paragraph one should contain a word that begins with “x.” As I’ve discussed before, nothing says it like “x.”

Example of paragraph one:

Exuberance is a word that people have used to describe this year’s economic sentiment. But in this letter, I’m calling attention to not just market movements but to all of the xenomorphic events of 2021 worthy of review.