Technology Strengthens Client Relationships, Attracts New Investors

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Financial advisors build our reputation on deep, trusted relationships with our clients. These relationships set us apart and enable us to offer tailored solutions that help our clients reach their financial goals. Our commitment to human-centered relationships won’t change.

However, a recent survey we conducted with Morning Consult on the digital client experience showed that 95% of investors polled said it's important that their financial advisors use the latest technology and tools when advising them. While 83% of survey respondents said they would prefer working with a human financial advisor rather than a robo-advisor, they also told us they wanted digital tools and technology that help them understand if they are okay financially, how they got to where they are and where they are headed.

Technology as an enabler

Investing in powerful digital technologies has strengthened our relationships with our more than 7 million clients and to connect with the 42 million investors we are looking to serve. As you move through a digital transformation, the personalized client experience must remain a priority. This means redesigning your website with a modern new design and releasing a new app for clients. These digital tools allow prospective clients to learn about your firm on their terms, and clients to track their goals and stay connected to their financial advisor through new communication channels.

Changing the way we work

Every year, millions of investors visit financial firms' digital platforms because they are seeking a financial advisor relationship. In a recent survey among visitors and investors on our site, 19% said that relatability is important to them and 31% said that understanding the financial advisor’s approach to advice and investment strategy matters most. Investors also want to know more about the financial advisor’s areas of focus (21%) and level of experience (28%).