The Great Medigap Debate – What is Best?

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Now that we’ve talked about the importance of deciding between Medicare alternatives, let’s continue our Medigap and Medicare Advantage journey.

You’ve decided that a Medigap contract combined with a prescription drug plan will be a better fit for you versus enrolling into a Medicare Advantage plan. Sometimes that first step in deciding between the two is the hardest part of Medicare.

Now that you’ve accomplished this, what’s next?

How do you choose a Medigap product? And who do you purchase it from?

Talk to a professional

Before diving in, I’m going to give you one important piece of advice: Contact a Medicare-focused insurance agent. And, I’m not suggesting that because I am one, but because I know how much we know that you don’t. Because you can’t. Because you don’t live in Medicare-land 10 hours a day.

What you don’t know in regards to Medicare will hurt you.

How do you find a good Medicare-focused agent? Interview a few if you need to. Here are some questions you can ask them:

  • How long have you been in the Medicare space?
  • Do you focus only on Medicare? If not, what other products do you sell?
  • Will you be here to help me if I have coverage issues or billing problems?
  • How many insurance carriers are you contracted with?
  • Will you advise me on a Part D plan as well?
  • Do you have other staff that I can contact if you aren’t available?

That’s a good start. Find a good long-term agent relationship because Medicare can be just plain nuts and you’ll be in the Medicare system for the rest of your days.