Stop Kvetching About Having No Time

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Kvetching. That's a technical term that describes what my financial advisor coaching clients do when I walk them through creating their “ideal week.” They complain that they are always behind, never have time to do what they want and that never stop working. That's usually the same person who has a to-do list from 2012 and hasn't caught up since.

I get it.

But when I introduce the concept of an ideal week, cue the kicking and screaming. I hear, "It's too structured." "I'm a free spirit and do what I want when the feeling hits me." Then I ask, "How's that working for you?"

Think smart and schedule your time with intention. If you don’t control your time, someone else will. It happens every day. Yes, your calendar is the primary tool for managing your time, but before you can learn how to leverage your calendar more productively, you need a map to get you there. Enter your ideal week.

Your ideal week is designed based on the answer to this question:

If you had 100% control of your time when you woke up every Monday morning, what would the next seven days ideally look like?

Knowing what your ideal week looks and feels like is something to strive for each week. Let's be real, though. You may never fully attain your ‘ideal’ week because, well, life happens, but the goal is to get a lot closer to that ideal week than you are right now. Having that vision is the key. Without a vision of your ideal week, how will you know if you’ve attained it?