This is All You Need to Say on a One-Page Website

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When I wrote my article pioneering the concept of the one-page website, many people were curious as to what such a page should say. Below is an example of five paragraphs for a hypothetical RIA firm, Blue Spruce Pine Elm Mountain Rock Advisors (remember how you advisors love to use nature words in your firm names). This is what you should include in a one-page website.

Contact info in the header

People often miss this. Don’t make it hard for them to contact you (and leave the website quickly) once they are interested. Let’s own up to the fact that advisor websites are boring and most of the time the person can’t wait to leave.

Face it.

Now that you’ve accepted that your website (by nature of the profession you are in) is something people are going to automatically want to run away from, here’s my advice:

Put your email and phone number at the top of the website, in the header, in large, bold, font. There’s nothing more annoying than when you want to buy a product or set up a meeting with someone and get the heavens off their website, and the blasted thing is chock full of meaningless garbage.

1. Paragraph 1

What it does:

Catches their attention and establishes that you are a human being with an actual pulse. The latter is not easy to do given how boring all of you sound when you talk about this stuff.

(Insert banner photo of something highly action oriented that is not the typical cliché of the retired couple sipping champagne on the beach!)

The words to say:

I’m Jessica (hyperlink over your name to your LinkedIn page) and welcome to my firm, Blue Spruce Pine Elm Mountain Rock Advisors. We work with a few families in (town name) and many of them happen to be involved with the profession of pediatric neuropsychology. Scroll down to learn about who we are, what we do, how we charge, and what to do as you conclude your visit.

Bon appetit!

(This should be a video.)