What Women Want in a Financial Advisor

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While I am grateful to see many advisors (both female and male) focused on serving women, here are a few ideas to connect more deeply and powerfully.

It’s not all about the X chromosome

When I was an advisor, I worked with many female clients. But I made the mistake of assuming that I would “click” with them based on the fact that we both had two X chromosomes. In some cases this worked brilliantly but in other cases it turned out like an episode of MTV’s Disaster Date.

In retrospect, it wasn’t just about that female-to-female bond. It had more to do with the experiences I had been through that other women could identify and bond with.

The women I deeply connected with were typically 30 years old or older, married and settled down with some accumulated assets and family on the mind. For example, when I had two children under two years old, I had a tremendous connection with mothers of young children. This aligned with a focus on insurance and college planning. Meetings were full of laughter and comradery.