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I had three children with my partner, Antonio, over a span of three years; and I’ll leave you with that fact alone for you to imagine the stress of our daily life together. Yet whenever I’m ready to threaten to burn everything he owns (married people, admit it, it’s crossed your mind at least once), he manages to remind me why I’m in love with him by making me laugh.

Good humor is irresistible and rare, and the uniformly dry, boring cannon of financial marketing suffers from a lack of it. Humor is a lethal weapon. To connect better with your audience, refresh them, relieve tension in stressful situations and be more relatable and real to the people you want to impress, here are ways to infuse humor into your business, and some that you’re better off leaving out.

A few words on how to apply humor

Before I give you some examples of ways advisors should use humor, here are some things to keep in mind.

Humor causes physically beneficial results.

Have you ever noticed that when you laugh or smile, your body naturally relaxes? Comfort and relaxation are a beautiful thing in the sales process for both the seller and the buyer.

Humor succeeds or fails based on its timing.

Antonio is a highly trained, top-performing salesperson with 30+ years of success in retail, face-to-face sales (bragging). He doesn’t have a masters degree, but he thinks on his feet brilliantly.

However, my mother, a veteran teacher with 50+ years of experience teaching chemistry to high school students, is probably the funniest person I know.

Both are naturally funny but they’ve got years of practicing their craft on real people who they are face-to-face with every single day. It’s allowed them to fine tune their skill.

Why does this matter? It’s a split second that makes a joke come off as hilariously funny or a complete dud.

You’ll be successful infusing humor into your marketing and sales if you let go and speak with your natural voice. The timing flows better that way.