It has been almost two years since Alex Rodriguez, “A-Rod,” ended his career as one of Major League Baseball’s (MLB) greatest players. He has since been establishing himself as a leader off the field, and he has successfully launched ventures in business and investment management. How did he do it? He used lessons from Warren Buffett and Bill Belichick, and joined “the dark side” to become a media announcer.

Rodriguez spoke at the Wall Street Journal’s Future of Everything Festival on May 8 about investment strategies and building a business off the field.

He is a former World Series champion and MLB all-star. He played 22 seasons with the Seattle Mariners, Texas Rangers and New York Yankees. He won several awards throughout his career, and his last game was in August 2016.

Rodriguez is the CEO and founder of A-Rod Corp, a diversified investment firm with a fully-integrated real estate development company and holdings in an array of ventures. He has launched a career in the media, appearing regularly on several television networks.

Asked about his core tenets in the business world, he discussed his investment and management strategies. Here are a few lessons financial advisors can learn from his comments:

1. Fail like A-Rod and remember tough times

Rodriguez revealed himself to be modest and humbly acknowledged his weaknesses.

“When people talk about my career highlights, they often go to the 2009 world championship with the Yankees,” Rodriguez said.

“Sometimes they’ll say 2,000 RBIs or 2,000 runs scored,” he said. “Or almost 700 homeruns,” he added with a bitter tone, jokingly referencing the fact that he ended his career with 696 home runs.