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If your 2017 marketing results didn’t generate the leads you wanted, you were probably guilty of some of the problems below. As you put together your marketing strategy for 2018, here’s how to avoid screwing up.

In decreasing order of their seriousness, they are as follows:

1. Relying on your own followers

Many advisors wrongfully conclude that social media doesn’t work because it didn’t generate leads for them. But I look and see that they have 343 followers among all their social networks.

Folks, you would never expect to catch a 20-pound Peacock bass by fishing in the puddle of a lake next door? No. You’re going to get the same old trout. You’ve got to go to the big lake if you want to score the big fish.

There are literally 30,000,000 postings over all the social media and messaging networks every single minute. If you’re not doing social media in a big way then you’re not doing it at all.

If you have a following of fewer than 5,000 people, you have simply got to find your audience somewhere else. Someone else already has your following. Go get on their social media. This is called “influencer marketing.” Have them shout you out in a posting. Write a blog post together. Put a guest blog on their site. Attend an event they hold and then have them post the picture to their networks. Use Facebook ads to get in front of the people who follow them on Facebook.

There are many ways to do this. I’m just getting started.