The Top 10 Great Articles You Probably Missed

Great articles don’t always get the readership they deserve. Earlier this week we published the top 10 most-read investing and financial planning articles and a similar top 10 practice management articles. Below are another 10 that you might have missed, but I believe merit reading:

  1. Jeremy Siegel – Why Long-term Investors Should Own Stocks: Bonds are “Dangerous”

By Robert Huebscher

October 28, 2016

No forecaster has predicted equity returns as accurately has Jeremy Siegel over the post-crisis period. In our annual interview, he offers his forecasts for the coming year.

  1. Why Byron Wien is an Optimist

By Larry Siegel

June 7, 2016

Byron Wien is vice chairman of The Blackstone Group. In this interview, he explains his optimism for the markets and the economy – and why he thinks Donald Trump may prevail in November.