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Newsletters 2012

December 27 Our top ten articles for 2012 (plus another 10 you may have missed); Some memorable investment-related quotes
December 26 Gundlach's high-conviction bet; Bob Veres: Why you need an investment committee; Putting clients' cash to work
December 18 Jeremy Siegel on 'Dow 15,000'; How an advisor turned 20 minutes into $2 million; How to find the right LTC insurance
December 11 Luck versus skill in investing: New insights from the world of sports and beyond; David Rosenberg on 'shared sacrifice'
December 4 What advisors can learn from America's top election predictor; The macro view from David Rosenberg; The surprising choice in the search for safe income
November 27 A critique of Jeremy Grantham: Long-term growth is not over; A hard look at Simpson-Bowles; The superiority of dividends
November 20 Kyle Bass predicts the next big crisis; Bob Veres on the fallacies in planning assumptions; How good are inflation-adjusted annuities?
November 13 Do guarantee riders really protect income?; Why socially responsible investing is a waste of time; Michael Porter's advice to advisors
November 6 Lacy Hunt on the approaching fiscal 'point of no return'; David Rosenberg - Why economic forecasts are wrong on Hurricane Sandy
October 30 Building portfolios that beat their benchmark; The next generation of income guarantees; The time bomb in mortgage REITs
October 23 Veres on changing the regulatory debate; The next big problem for advisors and their clients; The central issue behind entitlements
October 16 Is Bill Gross right - Will bonds be burnt to a crisp? How an advisor lost a $3 million referral; When strong relationships aren't enough
October 9 Why David Rosenberg's bullish on utilities; How to fix the broken retirement system; A Q3 client letter you can use today
October 2 Confronting the unemployment crisis; Woody Brock - Why to own stocks now; A daily reading list that attracts new clients
September 25 Jim Bianco - Markets will benefit from disastrous Fed policy; Bill Gross - Should you bet on inflation?; Investing in a resource-constrained world
September 18 Your clients' toughest retirement decision; Gundlach - The end of the bond bull market; Campaign rhetoric and our energy future
September 11 The argument for ditching our retirement system; Three bond funds for rising or falling rates; What to do if you run into regulatory issues
September 4 The ultimate income strategy - Higher yield and lower volatility; New research - helping clients make better decisions
August 28 Why your succession plan will fail; Who benefits from high-frequency trading?; The wrong way to ask for referrals
August 21 Our top 10 flawed assumptions - Bob Veres; Secrets of a great PowerPoint presentation; Demystifying muni market myths
August 14 Are annuities safe?; How one advisors adds three clients a month; Michael Lewitt on 'anti-logical' markets
August 7 Why hedge funds destroy investor wealth; Robert Shiller - In defense of finance; The game-changer for affluent investors
July 31 The false promise of gold; Bob Veres on the alternative to AUM-based fees; The message for stocks in Hoisington's commentary
July 24 The best closed-end funds; How to tell if you're not charging enough; Deciphering the annuity puzzle - Guidance for advisors
July 17 Gundlach - Avoid riskier assets; A special focus on SPIAs - Buy now or later? Do they beat bonds?
July 10 Bob Veres - Why you should charge more for your services; The role of risk-free assets in retirement portfolios; A template for your mid-year letter
July 3 New research - Are your bond fund fees too high?; Bob Veres - How to convey your value
June 26 Jeremy Grantham: US stocks are expensive and bonds are disgusting; A top analyst: Why we're heading to energy independences
June 19 New insights on Harold Evensky's retirement funding strategy; The best way to follow up with prospects
June 12 Why the 4% rule is no longer safe; The end of economics; How to benchmark unconstrained managers
June 5 Avoiding landmines in dividend funds; Daniel Kahneman - Why snap judgments are wrong; Towards a sustainable energy policy
May 29 Can Krugman fix our economy?; The bargains in Europe's Great Oversell; The essential ingredient for exceptional success
May 22 David Rosenberg - A big recession in 2013?; Niall Ferguson - The end of Western dominance; A look at DFA's life-cycle finance offering
May 15 An attack on Paul Krugman; Lacy Hunt on debt, austerity and recovery; GMO's Montier on the failures of modern finance
May 8 Richard Bernstein: Why the US will outperform; The after-tax story on annuities; El-Erian and McWilliams - The Key to Resolving Europe's Crisis
May 1 The surprising strategy for the last phase of retirement; An investment that belongs in every diversified portfolio
April 24 Gundlach - Two dangers for equity markets; Bruce Greenwald on structural imbalances in the economy; Why 60/40 isn't diversified
April 17 Rethinking safe withdrawal rates; Hidden risks - What the media misses on oil prices; Harold Evensky - Frank talk on being a fiduciary
April 10 Longevity protection faceoff - GWLBs vs annuities; Parting words from a #1 forecaster; HBS research - A radical change in the role of business
April 3 Fewer, richer, greener: Why Jeremy Grantham is (partly) wrong; A warning on natural gas; An end-of-quarter letter for clients
March 27 GMO: When neither bonds nor stocks look appealing; Jack Bogle – The triumph of the index fund; The fallacies that hurt you with female clients
March 20 Jeremy Grantham - Why this time REALLY is different; Bob Rodriguez - Dangers in the US market; Hot buttons that motivate prospects
March 13 Challenging the thinking on retirement spending; Europe needs a good crisis; Breakthrough success lies outside your comfort zone
March 6 New tools to manage longevity risk; The biggest celebrity estate planning disasters; Five tips from a top entrepreneur
February 28 Jim O’Shaughnessy: What Works Now on Wall Street; Woody Brock on China and healthcare; How to triple client savings rates
February 21 Latest insights from Woody Brock, David Rosenberg and Jeffrey Gundlach; A big flaw in tactical asset allocation
February 14 The greatest anomaly in finance; A critical look at Zvi Bodie’s safety-first approach; Boosting the liquidity of the market engine
February 7 Equity forecasts from Jeremy Siegel and Rob Arnott; Two overlooked solutions to retirement income; What advisors can learn from Eli Manning
January 31 Lacy Hunt on the roadblock to recovery; The end of the dollar?; A 13-point plan that engages top clients
January 24 Michael Lewis on the true depth of the crisis in Europe; Beyond Reinhart and Rogoff; A five-minute strategy to achieve key goals
January 17 Martin Wolf on the Eurozone and beyond; A better option than GLWBs?; GMO's forecast for China
January 10 The misreading of Reinhart and Rogoff; New insights on safe withdrawal rates; Gundlach on the key risk for bond investors
January 3 Caution - fragile markets ahead; The best of Carl Richards; How top execs game retirement plans