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Newsletters 2010

December 28 The top 10 articles for 2010 (plus the top 10 you may have missed); Ken French and Robert Shiller on financial reform
December 21 Debunking Ken Fisher; Gundlach: Are taxes too darn low?; Ed Hyman: We are not Japan
December 14 The end of the Asian bull market; Looking back at a year of policy failures; A year-end client letter
December 7 Questioning conventional wisdom on rebalancing; An uncertain future for housing prices; More reasons you aren't getting referrals
November 30 Black gold, Texas tea; A leading expert tells how to avoid bubbles; Why you aren't getting referrals - And what to do about it
November 23 Why three top bond managers like equities; Ned Davis - still positive on stocks; Five words that get emails opened
November 16 Jeremy Siegel on the upside for equities; The truth behind GM's overhaul; Making your case to prospects
November 9 The rise, fall and rise of hedge funds; A prescription to save America's schools; Essential reading for the holidays
November 2 Flaws in Vanguard's Withdrawal Strategy; A Top Economist's Nightmare Scenario; Stand-out Client Appreciation Events
October 29 Highlights from Schwab IMPACT: Keynotes and Best Sessions on the Investment Track
October 26 An Exceptional Resource for Asset Allocation; What Drives High-Yield Bonds; Investing $15 in an Unshakeable Client Bond
October 19 Ian Bremmer: Developed Markets and Capitalism in Crisis; Bernanke's Impossible Dilemma; Allen Sinai: US at the Crossroads
October 12 History's lessons on the bond bubble debate; Ex-IMF Chief Economist on the crisis ahead; Third quarter client letter: Why Buffett is bullish
October 5 Bob Veres on a New Danger to Client Portfolios; The Misguided Promise of 529 Plans; Five Strategies to Land a $50 Million Client
September 28 The Forecast for Oil; Three Traps that Chew Up Your Day; Unraveling the 12b-1 Debate
September 21 Optimism about America; Jim Grant on housing; Gundlach: No double-dip - but; Two compelling articles to send clients
September 14 A better way to invest in gold; HCM: Why efficient markets led investors astray; A model that forecasts interest rates - and what it says today
September 7 Gundlach on why Treasury Bonds make no sense; A radical proposal for 12b-1 fees; Responding to clients who drive you crazy
August 31 The Looming Danger in Private Equity - and Good News for Muni Bonds; Dan Ariely on Why Bank Bonuses are Flawed
August 24 New Insights into What Investors Really Want; Improving on Buy-and-Hold; Telling Your Team Story to Prospects
August 17 Misconceptions about Risk and Return; A New Framework for Retirement Income Planning; Cerulli: A Dramatic Shift in Portfolio Construction
August 10 Is Ibbotson Right on Active Management?; Three Steps to Talking about Risk; Zvi Bodie on Why Market Forecasts are "Nuts"
August 3 Woody Brock: Economic Growth without "Bad" Deficits; The Misguided Fiduciary Debate; Rebuilding Confidence in Stocks
July 27 Making the Case for Immediate Annuities; Robert Shiller: A Cautious Outlook for Stocks; Talking to Seniors about Risk and Volatility
July 20 Martin Leibowitz' Failed Defense of the Endowment Model; Jeremy Siegel on Why Stocks are Undervalued; A New Way to Evaluate Mutual Funds
July 13 Nouriel Roubini on Crisis Economics; Bob Veres - How to Fix the SEC; The Retirement Readiness Checklist; Fake Diversification Exposed
July 6 The Ultimate Income Portfolio; A New Insight on Safe Withdrawal Rates; Mid-Year Letter for Clients - An Undiscovered Speech by Benjamin Graham
June 29 A Critical Look at One of Grantham's Favorite Investments; Jeff Gundlach: The US will 'Politely Default'; Five Minutes to Drive Your Day
June 22 Low-Cost Protection Against Rising Rates; Rethinking Morningstar Ratings - Moving Beyond Past Performance; Getting Clients to Read Your Emails
June 15 Roger Ibbotson on the Limits of Asset Allocation; Harvard's Niall Ferguson: The Path to European Stability; Strategy Advice from Apple and Google
June 8 Five Underused Strategies for Rising Rates; Dan Fuss: What Keeps Bond Managers Up at Night; Three Words to Blow Clients Away
June 1 Critical New Research on Withdrawal Rates; Europe - Compelling Value or Value Trap?; The Quality that Sets Top Performers Apart
May 25 Seth Klarman and Ken Rogoff: What History Tells Us About Today; The Prospecting Approach that Works
May 18 Jeremy Grantham Guarantees Gold will Crash; Tony Boeckh on the Great Reflation; Spain After Its Bubble
May 11 A Historical Perspective on the Slight Depression; Why Some Hedge Funds Succeeded in 2008; Implications of the Goldman Sachs Case
May 4 Keynes was Wrong (and Ricardo was Right); Iran, Iraq and the Devil's Embrace; 'The Quants' Reviewed
April 27 Paul McCulley's Design for Financial Reform; Shilling: America's Lost Decade; China - House of Cards or the Next Global Leader?
April 20 Yale's Endowment and the Financial Crisis; The Interest Rate Debate; The Random Walk Spoiled
April 13 Why Smart Investors Make Bad Decisions; The #1 Way to Demonstrate Your Value; Are Public Employees Bankrupting Us?
April 6 Liz Ann Sonders on the US Economic Recovery; A Q1 Letter for Clients; Michael Lewis' The Big Short Reviewed
March 30 America's 'Failing' Infrastructure?; Surprising New Research on Diversification and Emerging Markets; Advice for Family Foundations
March 23 The Best Books on Passive Investing; Quadrophobia: Can You Spot the Next Enron?; Tobin's Q Nears a Sell Signal
March 16 The New Investment Paradigm: Graham Meets Markowitz; Implications of the Current Shiller P/E Ratio; Greeks Bearing Gifts
March 9 A Looming Lack of Liquidity; Communicating with Ease; Healthcare, Unions and the Next Bull Market
March 2 Asset Allocation for Grantham's Seven Lean Years; Massachusetts Pensions in Crisis; The Elusiveness of Persistence
February 23 Interest Rates, Inflation and the PIMCO Total Return Fund; Jason Zweig on Protecting Wealth
February 16 How to Squander $170 Billion; The $100k Challenge to Passive Managers; Boom & Bust by Michael Lewitt
February 9 Six Ideas for Improving your Web Site; Katsenelson and Richards on China; Overconfidence and Wealth Destruction
February 2 Joseph Stiglitz on the Need for Additional Stimulus; More on Shiller PEs; The Question to ask HNW Prospects
January 26 Diversification Really Does Pay Off; Robert Merton on Regulating Derivatives; The Potemkin Market
January 19 Leuthold: Market Rally will Continue; Shiller PEs and Market Returns; John Cochrane on the Dangers of Current Economic Policies
January 12 Bruce Berkowitz on his Keys to Success; The True Cost of Universal Coverage; Financial Crisis Post-Mortem
January 5 Paul Krugman on Deficits, Taxes and Recovery; Risk Management through Costless Collars; Thoughts on the Falling Dollar