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Newsletters 2007

December 26 FundQuest's Study of Active v. Passive Mgmt plus Our Top Stories of 2007
December 18 Our Interview with the Partners of Tweedy Browne
December 11 How High are Today's P/E Ratios?
December 4 Exposing the Weaknesses in Fund Peer Group Comparisons
November 27 Measuring the Performance of Target Date Funds
November 19 Does the CPI accurately measure the inflation rate?
November 13 More on Morningstar Ratings -plus- Understanding Fund Trading Costs
November 6 Our Interview with Jason Zweig
October 30 The Predictive Value of Morningstar Fund Ratings
October 23 Our Interview with William F. Sharpe
October 16 Socially Responsible Investing: Current Trends, Performance, and Use by HNW/UHNW Investors
October 9 Mutual Fund Performance, Index Fund and ETF Usage for HNW/UHNW Investors
October 2 The Alpha Beta Chowder - How to Evaluate Risk in Hedge Funds and Portfolios
September 25 Quantitative Funds - Their Evolution and How Advisors Should View Them
September 18 An Assault on Style Boxes - plus - The Track Record of 130/30 Funds
September 11 Rebalancing Portfolios During Volatile Markets
September 4 The Case for Growth Stock Investing
August 28 International Investing: Diversification in Today's Markets
August 21 Our Exclusive Interview with John Bogle
August 14 Mining for Factors that Predict Mutual Fund Success
August 7 Diversifying Concentrated Low Basis Positions
July 31 Identifying Actively Managed Mutual Funds that Outperform the Market
July 24 Burton Malkiel on Indexing, Active Management, Investing in China, and more
July 17 Rafael Resendes discusses building a portfolio that beats the S&P 500
July 10 Beyond Buy and Hold: Managing Taxes with ETFs
July 3 Harold Evensky: Funding the Distribution Phase of a Retirement Account
June 26 From Yale University: New Research Confirms the Value of Active Management
June 19 Do the Ultra-Wealthy Invest in Mutual Funds?
June 12 Asset Allocation in the Yale Endowment
June 5 New study shows HNW/UHNW investors hold only 3.8% of assets in index funds
May 30 Changes in Asset Allocation for Wealthy Individuals
May 22 Most Popular Mutual Funds—Gainers and Losers
May 15 Asset Allocation and Risk Aversion: New Study Analyzes HNW Investment Patterns