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January 8, 2013 - Vol 7 No 2 


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The Forecast for Risk in 2013

by Geoff Considine

With the new year upon us, pundits are issuing their forecasts of market returns for 2013 and beyond. But returns don't occur in a vacuum - meeting clients' goals requires an asset allocation that appropriately balances return and risk. So what follows are my predictions for risk across major asset classes, based on a theoretically sound approach that has proven to be reliable in the past.




Video Highlights from Henderson Global Investors

Henderson Global Video

2013 Global Outlook 


Bill McQuaker, Head of Multi-Asset, provides an outlook on global markets for 2013. He looks at both positive drivers and potential pitfalls but suggests 2013 could provide more convincing evidence that the economy is emerging from the financial crisis and entering a different phase.


Watch Video 


Energy and the End of Growth

by Michael Edesess

Is economic growth coming to an end? That's been a hot topic of discussion, thanks to a paper by Robert J. Gordon. It had a simple but striking thesis: 'There was virtually no growth before 1750, and thus there is no guarantee that growth will continue indefinitely.' But before 1750 there were no fossil fuels either. Only once humans tapped the large deposits of coal and oil did economic growth truly awaken. The history of economic growth is, so far, the history of fossil fuels. This causes us to wonder whether economic growth will end when it is no longer powered by fossil fuels.



Six Lessons for Advisors from the Mayo Clinic

by Dan Richards

The Mayo Clinic's world-renowned reputation as the preeminent provider of medical services was achieved through decades of refining and improving its core processes - and by constantly reviewing whether the assumptions behind its mission were still valid. A visit to that clinic revealed six lessons for advisors.



A New Year's Message from the Publisher

by Robert Huebscher

Advisor Perspectives just wrapped up a momentous year, and I'd like to share with you some of our accomplishments from 2012 as well as our plans for next year.



Should Bonuses be Tied to Performance?

by Beverly Flaxington

We do performance reviews for our staff every year. I do not believe performance should be directly linked to bonuses - they are different topics. But my COO says that we should divvy up the profit pool based on everyone's performance. Who is right?



2012: Resumption of the Stock Market Recovery

by Ronald Surz

Let's take a close look at the details of what occurred in 2012 so we can assess the opportunities and prepare for the surprises that 2013 will bring. I'll give you my opinions, and you should form your own.



Career Opportunities 

We are posting career opportunities for firms that seek to add financial advisors and planners to their staff.  Read more to find out how to post opportunities at your firm.  We have posted one new opportunity since last week. 




Letter to the Editor

by Various

A reader responds to our interview, Jeremy Siegel on 'Dow 15,000,' which was published on December 18.



Our Most Read Article from Last Week: 

      Three Steps to Dynemite Client Events in 2013

by Dan Richards

Last fall, I wrote about the declining effectiveness of broad-based client events, especially when it comes to attracting your most important clients. Today, I want to focus on the three qualities that have led to successful events for advisors.




Star bullet Highlights from Market Commentaries

Here are the top three commentaries from last week. 

Brief Holiday Update


Though our concerns still weigh heavily toward the defensive side, there are hints of progress toward the resolution of the lopsided market conditions we've seen.


Brief Holiday Update by John Hussman of Hussman Funds

The Unstarvable Beast


As US President in the 1980's, the conservative icon Ronald Reagan described his approach to fiscal policy as "starve the beast": cutting taxes will eventually force people to accept less government spending. So why has the cost of government not only in the US continued to rise inexorably?


The Unstarvable Beast by Kenneth Rogoff of Project Syndicate

Money for Nothin' Writing Checks for Free


It was Milton Friedman, not Ben Bernanke, who first made reference to dropping money from helicopters in order to prevent deflation. Bernanke's now famous "helicopter speech" in 2002, however, was no less enthusiastically supportive of the concept. In it, he boldly previewed the almost unimaginable policy solutions that would follow the black swan financial meltdown in 2008.


Money for Nothin' Writing Checks for Free by Bill Gross of PIMCO

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