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January 2, 2013 - Vol 7 No 1


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Getting the Most from Your Investment Committee

by Bob Veres

Investment committees are a little bit like fingerprints: they come in all shapes and sizes, and no two are exactly alike in form or function. So advisory firms that have investment committees - or are considering creating one - can learn a lot from one another. My research has identified some best practices for this flexible management tool, by comparing notes among advisors on how they are managing their IC teams.




Is Fracking a 'Happy Solution' to our Energy Needs?

by Richard Vodra, JD, CFP

A few weeks ago, John Mauldin called fracking a 'happy solution' that will produce jobs, potentially solve our trade deficit and generate new tax revenue, though energy prices may rise in the process. But how excited should we be about the 'shale revolution'?




Three Steps to Dynamite Client Events in 2013

by Dan Richards

Last fall, I wrote about the declining effectiveness of broad-based client events, especially when it comes to attracting your most important clients. Today, I want to focus on the three qualities that have led to successful events for advisors.




Brian McMahon on Thornburg's Investment Income Builder Fund

by Robert Huebscher

Brian McMahon is the chief executive officer and chief investment officer for Thornburg Investment Management, where he the co-portfolio manager for the $11.4 billion Thornburg Investment Income Builder Fund (TIBAX). The fund's goal is income production, and it has outperformed its benchmark, the Morningstar Moderate Target Risk, over the last ten years (10.87% versus 2.88%). In this interview, he offers his views on the economy and the markets, and how he has positioned his fund.




Career Opportunities 

We are posting career opportunities for firms that seek to add financial advisors and planners to their staff.  Read more to find out how to post opportunities at your firm.  We have posted one new opportunity since last week. 



How to Boost Your Team's Morale

by Beverly Flaxington

With the new year rapidly approaching, I want to instill enthusiasm and excitement for my team. We are concerned about the events in Washington and the price we will pay for inaction by our politicians. In the face of this, I want to remind my team of the value we provide for our clients. How can I instill the boost I'm seeking without seeming fake or forced?




Our Most Read Article from Last Week

      Gundlach's High-Conviction Investment Idea  

by Robert Huebscher

Count Jeffrey Gundlach among those who expect Japan's currency to collapse because it can't service its debt.  Japan's challenges may parallel those that the US faces, and Gundlach feels strongly that they have created a compelling investment opportunity.  



Star bullet Highlights from Market Commentaries

Here are the top three commentaries from last week.

Aspirin for a Broken Femur

The Federal Reserve under Bernanke is like a bad doctor facing a patient with a broken femur. Being both unable and unwilling to restructure the broken bone, he announces that he will keep shoving aspirin down the patient's throat until the bone heals.


Aspirin for a Broken Femur by John Hussman of Hussman Funds

Looking on the Bright Side

It is Christmas Eve and not the time for long letters just a brief note on why the fiscal cliff is not the End of All Things, and to point out a worthy cause led by some good friends of mine who are helping people who truly have no options in life. And we'll start things off with a movie review of sorts to launch us into a positive take on the year behind and the year ahead.


Looking on the Bright Side by John Mauldin of Millennium Wave Advisors

Over The Cliff

Leaders in Washington failed to reach an agreement on the fiscal cliff. What does that mean for the 2013 outlook?


Over The Cliff by Scott Brown of Raymond James

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