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The Tool that Will Transform Firmwide Financial Planning by Bob Veres

Alex Murguia, founder and CEO of InStream Solutions, may be the most creative visionary in today's advisor software ecosystem. And like all people who think outside the box, sometimes he discovers that his best ideas have far better uses than he intended.

Most Recent Commentaries

Japanese Style Deflation Coming? Fed Falling Behind the Curve? by Mike "Mish" Shedlock of Sitka Pacific

There's some interesting discussion points in the UK-based Absolute Return Partners October 2014 Letter, by Niels C. Jensen, most of which I agree with, others not.

5 Things To Ponder: To QE Or Not To QE by Lance Roberts of Streettalk Live

Over the last few weeks, the markets have seen wild vacillations as stocks plunged and then surged on a massive short-squeeze in the most beaten up sectors of energy and small-mid capitalization companies. While "Ebola" fears filled mainstream headlines the other driver behind the sell-off, and then marked recovery, was a variety of rhetoric surrounding the last vestiges of the current quantitative easing program by the Fed. As I have shown many times in the past, there is a high degree of correlation between the Fed's liquidity programs and the advance in the markets.

Steady as She Goes by John Osterweis, Matt Berler of Osterweis Capital Management

For some time now we have been making the case for a long-term bull market in U.S. equities. This has rested on the prediction of a gradual economic recovery devoid of inflationary pressures, played out against a very accommodative monetary backdrop. So far, this is exactly what has occurred. But as we all know, trees don’t grow to heaven and nothing lasts forever. Therefore the relevant questions we ask ourselves every day are: (1) what could go wrong and (2) when should we start to worry? We shall devote this quarter’s Outlook to the things we worry about.

Inflating the Big Mac One Calorie At A Time by James Cornehlsen of Dunn Warren Investment Advisors

Continuing our research into using the Big Mac as a gauge of inflation, we build on past posts but use our own research to draw conclusions. In previous articles, we have relied solely on The Economist’s calculation of the Big Mac price.

Investing by Duration by Heather Rupp of AdvisorShares

It was hard to ignore the call in the fixed income space for “short duration” investing over the last couple years. Duration is a measure of interest rate sensitivity (the percentage change in the price of a bond for a 100 basis point move in rates), so the lower the duration the theoretically less sensitive those bonds are to interest rate movements.

Risk Aversion on the Rise – Gold Back in Vogue by Ade Odunsi of AdvisorShares

In this week’s commentary we present a simple methodology for measuring the amount of risk aversion in gold markets. This measure of risk aversion (which we define below) compares the variability of observed gold prices versus the variability that can be implied from gold option prices.

Short-Term Optimism, Longer-Term Caution by Scott Minerd of Guggenheim Partners

U.S. stocks will likely move higher as pension fund managers go bargain hunting in an effort to put seasonal cash inflows to work.

Applying Value Investing Principles to Manager Selection by Jason Laurie of Altair Advisers

Using short-term underperformance as a value opportunity can work in selecting money managers. The qualitative portion of the manager due diligence process is still the key to success. All great managers experience periods of underperformance; patience with them is rewarded. There is little basis in manager performance data for persistence in manager returns. Manager performance cycles – either outperformance or underperformance – often last 3-5 years. Short-term periods of underperformance by top managers may present an opportunity to allocate to managers at attractive entry point

Loomis Sayles Core Plus Bond Fund: Navigating Dynamic Markets with Tactical Flexibility by Sponsored Content from Loomis Sayles

The global economic cycle is a perpetual force influencing interest rates, credit availability and capital markets. For core plus managers who seek to generate total return by balancing liquidity and risk, these undulations pose a clear challenge.

Help is on the Horizon to Ease Student Debt by Sponsored Content from Legg Mason

To preempt the college funding crisis that lies ahead, we must ensure that future generations avoid excessive debt. With the current path unsustainable, experts believe the partnership between 529s, colleges and government must evolve. Get a preview of tomorrow's college conversation and advisors' role in the holistic solution.

Advising Clients about When to Retire by Joe Tomlinson

Clients are often surprised to learn that delaying retirement can increase retirement income by a lot. Although each case will be different, I'll present an example to provide some general insights.

The Price We Will Pay for Cheap Oil by Richard Vodra

Suddenly in June, oil prices started dropping, reaching levels unseen since 2010. What is going on? Why does the price of oil matter to financial advisors? What might these fluctuations mean to the price and supply of oil for the rest of the decade? Isn't oil just another commodity?

How to Compete with Online Advice: The Historical Lessons by Dan Richards

Online start-ups offering low-cost investment advice have received lots of attention, not to mention over $200 million dollars in venture capital. What lessons does history offer on the likely impact of online advice? And based on what's happened in the past, how can advisors respond to this new threat?

Shift Your Focus to Gain AUM by Daniel Solin

Based on merit alone, I would entrust my own portfolio to almost every RIA that I have met. But merit is not the governing factor in most decisions.

Q3 Venerated Voices by Various

We have announced our Venerated Voices awards for commentaries published in the third quarter of 2014. Rankings were issued in three categories: The Top 25 Venerated Voices by Firm, The Top 25 Venerated Voices by Author and The Top 10 Venerated Voices by Commentary.

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