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Does Rebalancing Really Pay Off?? by Michael Edesess

No investment advice is more universally offered than the advice - originally posited by William Bernstein - to rebalance your portfolio. Yet, the evidence that this practice is beneficial is shockingly meager.

Most Recent Commentaries

And That's The Week That Was by Ron Brounes of Brounes & Associates

And what a bad week it was. After flirting (and setting) new record highs on both the S&P and Dow, equity investors worried about the upcoming earnings reports and freaked out over the some disturbing news from China. Stocks plunged late in the week with the Nasdaq particularly hard hit, though the other indexes followed suit and gave up all of their prior gains for the year. For the most part, domestic developments remain strong but news on the global front have prompted investors to seek out the safe-haven of treasuries. Over-reaction or new trend?

Echo-Mania at The Fed by Cliff Draughn of Excelsia Investment Advisors

Greetings from a thawed out Savannah! Q1 of 2014 will be remembered for a number of things, but the most prominent were the erratic weather patterns and arctic-blast temperatures that most of the country experienced. I missed writing my Q1 letter for the first time in ten years due to a nasty bout with pneumonia in mid-January. For those of you who have never had pneumonia, I do not recommend it!

A Classic Barometer by Richard Bernstein of Richard Bernstein Advisors

Investors seem a bit too eager to tout emerging market equities. Much as they did with technology stocks during the early-2000s, investors today are looking for the best re-entry point. Data clearly do not support anymore the notion that emerging markets are a superior growth story, yet investors seem to be ignoring the classic warnings signs for fear of missing out. One such classic warning sign is the slope of the yield curve. Historically, steeper yield curves have been reliable forecasters of stronger overall nominal economic growth and stronger profits growth.

An Uncomfortable Discussion by Scott Brown of Raymond James

Income inequality is a touchy subject. Its hard to have a polite conversation, but like it or not, we are going to have a discussion this year. I will not take a position here (this is largely a political question). Rather, I will try to illustrate what the data say and to present the different points of view.

The Wile E. Coyote Stock Market? by Jeffrey Saut of Raymond James

Last Wednesday, when the D-J Industrials were up some 180 points, I could not shake the feeling that this was the Wile E. Coyote stock market. The visual is when Wile runs off a cliff, but his feet keep moving, until he looks down and realizes there is nothing underneath him. The resulting fall was similar to what happened late last week to the equity markets. Indeed, I really did not understand, or trust, last Wednesdays Dow Wow for the reasons mentioned in these missives.

Every Portfolio Has Faith by William Smead of Smead Capital Management

At Smead Capital Management, we believe that everyone who invests has faith in someone or something. We also believe that who and what you put your faith into is greatly influenced by the time period involved. As we look out into the rest of 2014 and beyond, we would like to consider the kind of faith required by the largest pools of investment dollars in the US. This includes looking at who they are trusting, what they are trusting in, and what time frames they are operating under.

Uncle Sam Seizes Children's Tax Refunds To Pay Parents' Debts by Gary Halbert of Halbert Wealth Management

This is one of those special weeks when I get to bring you key information that you probably havent seen elsewhere. As a speed-reader, I look at a large volume of information every week before deciding what topics to publish on Tuesdays. It was early Saturday evening when I ran across todays topic which is getting scant coverage in the media, but everyone reading this needs to understand this latest (and possibly illegal) money-grab by our government.

Put/Call Study: Equity Correction Ahead? by Mark Ungewitter of Charter Trust Company

Equity put/call ratios provide an interesting lens on greed and fear. The chart below presents the S&P 500 since January 2000, flagging 5-day put/call ratios in excess of one standard deviation versus the long-term average of 63%. Readings below 53% have occurred during powerful rallies and near interim tops. Readings above 73% have occurred during fearful sell-offs and near interim bottoms. Fearful readings have occurred at least once annually since 2001 with the latest example in April 2013.

A Conversation with DFA’s David Booth by Robert Huebscher

It’s possible for an airplane company to manufacture excellent jets that reliably and safely reach their destination, even if some of its engineers design questionable components. Indeed, its products may be among the best ever designed. That’s my impression DFA, which was reinforced after meeting with its co-founder and co-CEO, David Booth.

The Quality that Defines Star Performers by Dan Richards

Why do so many advisors work incredibly hard to build their practices, reach a solid level of success - and then plateau? In the last 30 years, I’ve worked with hundreds of those stuck advisors and with a few who reached increasingly higher levels of success. I’ve identified one trait that separates the two groups.

Beyond Moneyball - Setting the record straight by Justin Kermond

In The Sabermetric Revolution: Assessing the Growth of Analytics in Baseball, Benjamin Baumer and Andrew Zimbalist attempt to set the record straight. Baumer and Zimbalist contest parts of Michael Lewis’ Moneyball story and broadly address how sophisticated analysis has been used in other sports and why it’s exceedingly difficult for even the most creative and sophisticated approaches to maintain a competitive edge.

Make Your Website An Asset-Gathering Powerhouse by Dan Solin

Although e-commerce does not involve personal meetings, the need to establish an emotional connection with your prospective clients remains the same. Achieving this goal requires a change in strategy. Here are some tips.

A Women’s Viewpoint of Bullying by Beverly Flaxington

I was once asked by a major periodical to comment on research that showed an inordinate percentage of women who get to senior-level positions in investment firms end up voluntarily leaving to start their own business or to enter new industries. The "brain drain" of women from investment advising has been significant. I thought about this brain drain when I received another letter on the issue of bullying, this time from a woman.

Career Center by Various

Find career opportunities for firms that seek to add financial advisors and planners to their staff. Read more to find out how to post opportunities at your firm.

Our Most Read Article from Last Week: Do Small Cap-Value Stocks add Value in Retirement Portfolios? by Joe Tomlinson

Research going back to Fama and French in the early 1990s has shown that small-value stocks have produced superior returns. Subsequent debate has centered on whether this superior performance will continue and if investors should tilt portfolios to capture those returns. I’ll examine the historical evidence, incorporate it in retirement examples and discuss the future prospects for small-cap value.



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