S&P Dividend Yield Below 10-Yr Treasury Yield: Looking for Value?

May 29th, 2013

by Mike Shedlock

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In an email note today economist Steen Jakobsen notes the "S&P Dividend Yield is Below the 10-Yr Treasury Yield (1.93% vs. 2.19%)".

S&P Dividend Yield

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Steen asks " Why own stocks at lofty PE of 18 when you can get better yield and a free put option via fixed income'? "

Curve Watchers Anonymous notes this chart of US treasury yields.

US Treasury Yields Over Time

$TYX - 30 Year Rate

$TNX - 10 Year Rate

$FVX - 05 Year Rate

$IRX - 03 Month Rate

Five Curve Watchers Anonymous Comments

  1. The normalized S&P PE is an extremely lofty 24
  2. Forward estimates are ridiculously optimistic (they always are except at major bottoms)
  3. Earnings will revert to the mean
  4. The S&P Dividend Yield under 2% is not at all attractive
  5. Stock are certainly not cheap by any realistic measure

A Look at Select Miners

Looking for value? Then don't look where the herd is looking.

By the way, someone occasionally asks " who is curve watchers anonymous? " One person went so far as to do a search and wondered why the only references were to my blog. The reason is simple, I made up the name and have been using it for years.


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