RecessionALERT Weekly Leading Index Update

April 11th, 2013

by Dwaine Van Vuuren

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The RecessionALERT Weekly Leading Index (Beta) is updated below. It looks at about 60 weekly components and combines them into 5 sub-indices. WLInr is non-revisable and never seasonally adjusted and consists of Government/corporate paper spreads, a corporate bond composite and a stock market composite of economically sensitive stocks. WLIr is very mildly revisable and subject to seasonal adjustments in its compilation and consists of all 5 sub-indices.

WLIr (thick black line) is subject to fewer false positives than WLInr but with WLInr, recession warnings are earlier and "what you see is what you will always see into the future."

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Dwaine van Vuuren is CEO of, a provider of investment research.


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