Food Prices Mooooving Higher in 2014!

March 13th, 2014

by Chris Kimble

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Looks like a trip to the grocery store will be a more expensive endeavor in the near future as Beef, Hogs, Coffee, Grains and Milk are rapidly moving higher since the start of this year.

Is the weather to blame for higher prices? Just kidding. Did any of you make it to the grocery store when the weather was bad? Skip eating?

Regardless of my poor jokes about the weather, future trips to the grocery store could cost a good deal more.

I shared with members the chart below the first week of this year. I shared that if you believed in the "Buy Low and Sell Higher" approach, this should be the area to start buying!

The Power of the Pattern continues to suggest large opportunities (Both Long & Short side) remain in the commodities complex. If you would like to see pattern opportunities on a regular basis in the commodities complex, I would be honored to have you as a Sector/Commodity Extreme member.

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