Did a Double Top Just Take Place in the NYSE Advance-Decline?

August 6th, 2013

by Chris Kimble

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Advance/Decline breadth has often been a key leading indicator to important tops & bottoms in the broad market.

The cumulative NYSE Advance/Decline line hit an all-time high in May and now has rallied back to reach the May high a towards the end of July. Did a "Double Top" in this Advance/Decline line just take place?

At this point it's too soon to tell, but certainly a possibility! Keep a close eye on this measure of market strength/weakness over the next few weeks. It could be sending a key message about the broad markets!

I shared with Members that the "Shoe Box indicator" is doing something it hasn't done in the past few years!

If you would like to get an update on the how the Shoe Box's message helped members of late, send an email to services@kimblechartingsolutions and in the subject line put "Shoe Box" update.

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