Leading Indicator Breaks Support, Perfect Portfolio Storm Nearing?

June 20th, 2013

by Chris Kimble

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One of the better global leading indicators has created a bearish descending triangle over the past couple of years, and a breakdown of support looks to be taking place this morning.

Where do people hide if this leading global indicator breaks down?

On June the 12th the Power of the Pattern suggested that the "Perfect Storm for Portfolios" could be at hand here on Advisor Perspectives (see post here). The chart below reflects that a breakdown in bond and stocks was possible, creating the almost perfect portfolio storm!

As I shared 8 days ago … "it's not the odds of an event happening that is important, it's the impact if it does!"

While many might be attempting to figure out what the next move by the Fed might be, don't overlook the important message from Copper and its ripple effects on the S&P 500 and bonds!

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