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Firm Name Author Title Date
Diamond Hill Capital Management, Inc.Kyle SchneiderHospitals: No Longer in the ICU2014-08-21
WisdomTreeChristopher GannattiInspiring Economic Dynamism within Japan2014-08-21
TCW Asset ManagementHarrison Choi, Brian RosenlundThe TCW Advantage: Constructing Proprietary RMBS Collateral Benchmarks2014-08-21
Charles SchwabLiz Ann Sonders, Brad Sorensen, Michelle GibleySkittishness2014-08-21
Raymond JamesScott BrownA Roadmap, Not a Timetable2014-08-21
Raymond JamesJeffrey SautLucid Dreaming!2014-08-21
Franklin Templeton InvestmentsMark MobiusTouring the Investment Landscape in the Czech Republic2014-08-21
GaveKal CapitalTeamFed Revises Down Potential GDP In More Hawkish Minutes2014-08-21
AdvisorSharesTim GramatovichAn Inefficient Asset Class2014-08-21
Manning & NapierTeamClarity in Emerging Markets: Indonesian Election Outcome2014-08-20
AllianceBernsteinVadim ZlotnikovIs a Big Equity Correction Imminent? Not Yet2014-08-20
WisdomTreeRick HarperA Peak at Yellen’s Labor Market Dashboard Highlights Fed Concerns2014-08-20
GaveKal CapitalTeam5 Charts Showing The Taper Effect2014-08-20
U.S. Global InvestorsFrank HolmesDiversification and Discipline Are Key to Investing in Gold2014-08-20
Columbia ManagementTy SchobackDetroit bankruptcy — One year later2014-08-20
Merk InvestmentsAxel MerkWhat's Your Exit?2014-08-20
Thomas White InternationalTeamAmericas: Regional Economic Review - Q2 20142014-08-20
Franklin Templeton InvestmentsCindy SweetingEuropean Bank Stocks: Time to Buy, or Bail?2014-08-19
BlackRockRuss Koesterich“Bad News is Good” – A Hard Habit for Investors to Kick2014-08-19
GaveKal CapitalTeamNot A Single Developed Sector Is Trading Below 22x P/E2014-08-19
AdvisorSharesAde OdunsiGold – Keeping it Real2014-08-19
PIMCORichard ClaridaShare and Share Alike??2014-08-19
Confluence Investment ManagementBill O'GradyRepublic or Empire? An Update, Part 12014-08-19
FortigentChris Maxey, Ryan DavisEurope Taking a Negative Turn2014-08-19
Guinness Atkinson Asset ManagementMatthew PageTo Meet Or Not to Meet2014-08-19
Allianz Global InvestorsKristina HooperStrange Days Indeed2014-08-19
Nuveen Asset ManagementRobert DollTug of War Continues Between Fundamentals and Geopolitics2014-08-18
Eaton VanceEaton Vance Municipal Insight CommitteeDon’t Ignore Higher Taxes Until Tax Day2014-08-18
PIMCOTracy Chin, Aaditya ThakurAustralia’s Terms of Trade: Implications For Credit Investors2014-08-18
Franklin Templeton InvestmentsFranklin Templeton Fixed Income Group®Global Economic Perspective: August2014-08-18
AllianceBernsteinChris MarxDon’t Be Passive About Rising Rates2014-08-18
F.A.S.T. GraphsTeamWhy Gilead Is The Most Exciting Growth Opportunity In 20142014-08-18
Invesco BlogIdo CohenDynamic and Durable Growth Part 4: The Coming Mobile Advertising Boom2014-08-18
Hussman FundsJohn HussmanDimes on Black and Dynamite on Red 2014-08-18
Mauldin EconomicsJohn MauldinBubbles, Bubbles Everywhere2014-08-16
U.S. Global InvestorsFrank HolmesManaging Expectations - Part III2014-08-16
Sungarden Investment ResearchRobert Isbitts7 Phrases Investment Professionals Should Never Say2014-08-16
Northern TrustCarl TannenbaumWeekly Economic Commentary2014-08-16
Andres Capital ManagementBob AndresThe “Unfortunate” Truth About the Bond Market?2014-08-16
Dynamika Capital L.L.C.Alexander GiryavetsLifted by Germany and China2014-08-15
GaveKal CapitalTeam Small Cap Performance Suggests Another Leg Of Counter-Cyclical Leadership2014-08-15
Matthews AsiaHenry ZhangReady to Board the "Through Train?"2014-08-15
BlackRockRuss KoesterichWhat Middle East Tensions Mean for Oil Prices & Equity Portfolios2014-08-15
Project SyndicateMohamed El-ErianThe Fragmentation of Bretton Woods2014-08-15
Euro Pacific CapitalPeter SchiffNeighborhood Bully - America Recklessly Throws its Weight Around2014-08-15
Broadleaf PartnersDoug MacKayQuick Thoughts 22014-08-15
Franklin Templeton InvestmentsMark MobiusWinds of Change in Saudi Arabia’s Investment Climate2014-08-14
GaveKal CapitalTeamA Change In Consumer Behavior?2014-08-14
Merk InvestmentsAxel MerkGlobal Policy Divergence - Really?? 2014-08-14
Raymond JamesJeffrey SautA New York State of Mind2014-08-14
Raymond JamesScott BrownHow Much Slack Is There In the Job Market?2014-08-14
Halbert Wealth ManagementGary HalbertThe Border Crisis: Why Is It Happening & Why Now?2014-08-13
Bronfman E.L. RothschildBruce LaningAugust Economic Update and Trends2014-08-13
WisdomTreeJeremy SchwartzTime to Consider Korea Hedged Equities2014-08-13
Richard Bernstein AdvisorsRichard BernsteinToward the Sounds of Chaos2014-08-13
SMC Fixed Income ManagementPortfolio TeamMunicipal Market Perspectives2014-08-13
Flexible Plan InvestmentsJerry WagnerHow Are Tigers Like Bears?2014-08-13
Heartland AdvisorsBradford EvansBanking on Banks2014-08-13
Smead Capital ManagementWilliam SmeadThere’s No Place Like Home2014-08-13
Chelsea Global AdvisorsEdward TalisseTiming the Bond Market2014-08-13
FortigentBrian PayneLong/Short Funds Go 'Unhedged' in Energy2014-08-12
WisdomTreeBradley Krom Federal Reserve Tapering Part II: Emerging Market Local Debt Performance2014-08-12
Thomas White InternationalTeamMiddle East/Africa: Regional Economic Review - Q3 20142014-08-12
Thomas White InternationalTeamGlobal Economic Overview: June 20142014-08-12
Thomas White InternationalTeamInternational Equity Commentary: June-20142014-08-12
Thomas White InternationalTeamDeveloped Asia Pacific: Regional Economic Review - Q2 20142014-08-12
Columbia ManagementDave KingFlexible Income Strategies - Avoiding Side Effects from the Fed’s Medicine2014-08-12
Confluence Investment ManagementBill O'GradyReflections on WWI: Geopolitics and Markets2014-08-12
Willingdon Wealth ManagementMichael KayesBaseball, Hot Dogs, and Apple Pie2014-08-12
Allianz Global InvestorsKristina HooperWhat a Credit-Shy Consumer Means for Growth2014-08-12
Castleton PartnersTeamWeekly Market Update2014-08-12
Eaton VanceTom Metzold, Jim Evans, Lew Piantedosi, Peter CrowleyConfronting the Tax Drag2014-08-12
Eaton VancePayson SwaffieldFinding Value in a Challenging Bond Market2014-08-12
The Royce FundsChuck Royce, Chris Clark, Francis GannonIs the Improving Economy a Good Sign for Active Managers?2014-08-11
Franklin Templeton InvestmentsDavid ZahnA Strengthening Case for European Bonds2014-08-11
Accuvest Global AdvisorsDavid GarffWhat Countries are Hot? What Should a Momentum Investor be Looking at Now?2014-08-11
BMO Global Asset ManagementSandy LincolnMarket Perspectives: The Corporate Inversion Debate2014-08-11
Invesco BlogIdo CohenDynamic and Durable Growth Part 3: The Mobile Data Tsunami2014-08-11
Mauldin EconomicsJohn MauldinTransformation or Bust, Part 22014-08-11
Hussman FundsJohn HussmanLow and Expanding Risk Premiums are the Root of Abrupt Market Losses 2014-08-11
Charles SchwabLiz Ann Sonders, Brad Sorensen & Michelle GibleySummer Void2014-08-09
Matthews AsiaAndy RothmanImportant Reform Progress2014-08-09
Sungarden Investment ResearchRobert IsbittsWhat in the World?! (Sungarden’s Thoughts on Current News Headlines)2014-08-09
Northern TrustCarl Tannenbaum Weekly Economic Commentary2014-08-09
U.S. Global InvestorsFrank HolmesManaging Expectations 2014-08-09
YCharts, Inc.Erik Kobayashi-SolomonThe Big Picture: Who’s Afraid of Shiller’s CAPE?2014-08-08
Euro Pacific CapitalDickson Buchanan Jr.Argentina's Default: A Devastating Lesson in Unfunded Government Liabilities2014-08-08
Excelsia Investment AdvisorsCliff DraughnYellenization2014-08-08
Christian Brothers Investment ServicesJohn GeissingerThe Temptation of Market Timing2014-08-08
AdvisorSharesAde OdunsiHow to Hold Gold Financed in Euro2014-08-08
Research AffiliatesJason Hsu, Vitali KalesnikFinding Smart Beta in the Factor Zoo2014-08-08
Guggenheim PartnersScott MinerdInvestor or Speculator?2014-08-08
Manning & NapierTeamThe Potential Impacts of Geopolitical Risks on Financial Markets2014-08-08
Franklin Templeton InvestmentsDon TaylorA Mid-Year Crossroads for US Equities?2014-08-07
GaveKal CapitalTeamDetailing The European Correction2014-08-07
BlackRockRuss KoesterichWith US Volatility on the Upswing, Take a Look at Asia2014-08-07
WisdomTreeBradley Krom Federal Reserve Tapering Part I: Emerging Market Currency Performance2014-08-07
Project SyndicateJoseph Stiglitz, et al. Argentina’s Griesafault2014-08-07
HighTower AdvisorsPamela RosenauBanking on the Trends2014-08-07
LPL FinancialJohn CanallyReconnected?2014-08-06
WisdomTreeLuciano Siracusano IIIWhat Asset Class Rallied Last Week amid the Sell-Off?2014-08-06
Halbert Wealth ManagementGary HalbertConsumer Confidence Hits 7-Year High - Really?2014-08-06
Soledad Investment ManagementNathan Fischer, Louie NguyenGlobal Dividend Insights2014-08-06
Flexible Plan InvestmentsJerry WagnerComing Down from a Rocky Mountain High?2014-08-06
Grey Owl Capital ManagementTeamGrey Owl Q2 Investment Commentary2014-08-06
SBTCapital Clube de InvestimentoSebastião Buck TocalinoThe Tocalino Index©: applying Demographics to a variation on Arthur Melvin Okun´s Misery 2014-08-06
Raymond JamesJeffrey SautAlways Wrong?!2014-08-05
Raymond JamesScott BrownSo, What Did We Learn?2014-08-05
LPL FinancialTeamStock Market Valuations Suggest That This Bull Market Still Has Teeth2014-08-05
Smead Capital ManagementWilliam SmeadWould John Templeton See Light at the End of Aflac’s Tunnel?2014-08-05
Andres Capital Management.Bob AndresAvoiding the Unintended Migration from Investor to Speculator2014-08-05
The Royce FundsFrancis GannonDrawing Parallels Between Company Quality and Economic Strength2014-08-05
Advisors Asset ManagementMatt LloydNumbness to Numbers2014-08-05
Allianz Global InvestorsKristina HooperGetting a Grip on the Fed Tightening Tizzy2014-08-05
FortigentRyan Davis, Brian PayneBanco Espirito Santo: Opportunity for the ECB?2014-08-05
Cleary GullBrian AndrewMixed Signals2014-08-05
Hussman FundsJohn HussmanA Hint of Advance Warning2014-08-04
Castleton PartnersTeamWeekly Market Update2014-08-04
Nuveen Asset ManagementRobert DollMounting Pressure Weighs on Equities2014-08-04
Euro Pacific CapitalJim NelsonInflation Trumps Growth2014-08-04
Heron FinancialDavid EdwardsUS Stocks Make 31 Record Highs in 2014, But Investors Panic During 3% Selloff2014-08-04
Northern TrustCarl TannenbaumWeekly Economic Commentary2014-08-04
Invesco BlogErik VossDynamic and Durable Growth Part 2: The Enormous Implications of Shale Energy2014-08-04
Mauldin EconomicsJohn MauldinTransformation or Bust2014-08-02
Matthews AsiaMichael HanKicking the Habit in Korea2014-08-02
Sungarden Investment ResearchRobert Isbitts‘Index funds beat active 90% of the time.’ Really?2014-08-02
U.S. Global InvestorsFrank Holmes5 Takeaways from the Vancouver Natural Resources Conference2014-08-02
Charter Trust CompanyMark UngewitterGold Bullion… Don’t Jump the Gun2014-08-01
Charles SchwabLiz Ann SondersGetting Closer: Fed Continues its Tapering & Moving Toward Rate Hikes2014-08-01
Project SyndicateNouriel RoubiniRussia’s Eurasian Vision2014-08-01
ProVise Management GroupRay FerraraProVise Bullets2014-08-01
Litman GregoryTeamSecond Quarter 2014 Investment Commentary2014-08-01
Project SyndicateKenneth RogoffA Tear for Argentina2014-08-01
AdvisorSharesHeather RuppExpanding the Opportunity Set for Income Generation 2014-07-31
LPL FinancialAnthon ValeriCalling the Fed’s Bluff2014-07-31
WisdomTreeTripp ZimmermanAre You Concerned about Small-Cap Valuations?2014-07-31
Schroder Investment ManagementGareth IsaacBond Investing in a Rising Rate Environment: How to Widen Your Options2014-07-31
PIMCOPaul McCulleyPrincipled Populism?2014-07-31
Guggenheim PartnersScott MinerdNormalize to What?2014-07-31
Tocqueville Asset ManagementFrancois SicartThe Chinese Wall of Worry: Uncertainty Rhymes with Opportunity2014-07-31
Project SyndicateStephen RoachThe Sino-American Trust Deficit2014-07-31
AdvisorSharesAde OdunsiWhich Denomination of Gold is Your Parachute?2014-07-31
WisdomTreeChristopher GannattiOpportunities in Developed International Equities2014-07-31
Raymond JamesJeffrey SautTrains and Boats and Planes?2014-07-30
Raymond JamesScott BrownShould Be an Eventful Week2014-07-30
BlackRockRuss KoesterichInvestor Fatigue Setting In?2014-07-30
GaveKal CapitalTeamTreasury Bond Yields Still Catching Bid in Line with Slowing QE2014-07-30
PIMCOWilliam GrossGoodnight Vietnam?2014-07-30
AdvisorSharesC. Thomas HowardHigh Stock Dividends: A Competitive Retirement Income Solution2014-07-30
Halbert Wealth ManagementGary HalbertFed's Janet Yellen To Continue Punishing Savers2014-07-30
Eagle Global AdvisorsDavid ChiaroThe Outlook for MLPs and Midstream Energy Infrastructure Continues to Look Bright2014-07-30
Chelsea Global AdvisorsEdward TalisseAnything Built By the FED, Can Also Be Destroyed 2014-07-30
Manning & NapierTeamThe Bank of England’s Balancing Act2014-07-30
Flexible Plan InvestmentsJerry WagnerWho’s “Mr. Excitement” and What’s He Got To Do With Stocks?2014-07-29
WisdomTreeJeremy SchwartzHow to Blend In a Currency Hedge2014-07-29
Merk InvestmentsAxel MerkFed Exit a Blue Pill? 2014-07-29
John Burns Real Estate ConsultingSean FergusLand Is the Riskiest of Asset Classes2014-07-29
FortigentRyan Davis, Brian PayneCorporate Earnings Season Update2014-07-29
Allianz Global InvestorsKristina HooperDeconstructing the State of the Housing Recovery 2014-07-29
Confluence Investment ManagementBill O'GradyBlowback: The Tragedy of Flight MH-172014-07-29
Calamos InvestmentsNick NiziolekThe Philippine Growth Story Looks Set to Continue2014-07-29
Castleton PartnersTeamWeekly Market Update2014-07-29
PIMCOAndrew BosomworthStrengthening the Euro’s Governance Structure?2014-07-29
Invesco BlogJanet LubyDynamic and Durable Growth - Part 1: A Biotech/Pharma Revolution2014-07-28
WisdomTreeJeremy SchwartzIndian Budget: Converting Promises into Policies2014-07-28
Brounes & AssociatesRon BrounesAnd That's The Week That Was2014-07-28
Thomas White InternationalTeamEmerging Europe: Regional Economic Review - Q2 20142014-07-28
U.S. Global InvestorsFrank HolmesDesperately Seeking a Cheaper Kilowatt Hour2014-07-28
GaveKal CapitalTeamForeign Investors are Fancying Japanese Stocks Again2014-07-28
Raymond JamesJeffrey SautHow High is High? (To Whom?)2014-07-28
Raymond JamesScott BrownAre Interest Rates “Too Low?”2014-07-28
Hussman FundsJohn HussmanYes, This Is An Equity Bubble 2014-07-28
PIMCOJerome SchneiderMoney Market Reform: Reflections on This Critical Inflection Point for Cash Liquidity Investing2014-07-28
Winthrop Capital ManagementGregory HahnSecond Quarter Economic & Capital Market Summary2014-07-28
Mauldin EconomicsJohn MauldinTime to Put a New Economic Tool in the Box2014-07-27
Sungarden Investment ResearchRobert Isbitts“WIMPY” – Implications of Massive Government Stimulus2014-07-26
U.S. Global InvestorsFrank HolmesSecond Quarter Earnings: Marching Toward a Strong Recovery 2014-07-26
Northern TrustCarl TannenbaumWeekly Economic Commentary2014-07-26
Russell InvestmentsAndrew PeaseMid-Year Outlook: Beware that Peaceful, Easy Feeling2014-07-26
Matthews AsiaAndy RothmanConsumption and Services Deliver Healthy Growth2014-07-26
Eaton VanceMichael Weilheimer, Steve Concannon, Will ReardonLooking for Attractive Income with Less Volatility than Equities?2014-07-25
AdvisorSharesAde OdunsiWhat Are Gold Option Markets Telling Us? 2014-07-25
Research AffiliatesShane ShepherdThe Outlook for Emerging Market Bonds2014-07-25
Guggenheim PartnersScott MinerdThe Hangover2014-07-25
Optimus Advisory GroupTeamMaintaining A Constant Standard Of Living Is Very Difficult 2014-07-25
Euro Pacific CapitalPeter SchiffYellen: Where No Man Has Gone Before2014-07-25
EnvestnetZachary Karabell Market Valuations and the Theory of Relativity2014-07-25
Saturna CapitalScott KlimoThe 401(k) Event Horizon2014-07-25
Eaton VanceScott Page, Craig Russ, Christopher RemingtonThink Floating-Rate Loans Are Just a Rate Hedge? Think Again. 2014-07-25
WisdomTreeJeremy SchwartzSmall Caps in Focus Following Fed Comments2014-07-24
Osterweis Capital ManagementCarl Kaufman, Simon Lee, Bradley KaneThe Sub Par Recovery Continues: Fixed Income Investment Outlook2014-07-24
Mar Vista Investment PartnersBrian MasseyMar Vista Investment Partners Second Quarter 2014 Review2014-07-24
Merk InvestmentsAxel MerkInstability is the New Normal? 2014-07-24
GaveKal CapitalTeamKeep An Eye on Commercial Bank Liquidity Trends2014-07-24
Franklin Templeton InvestmentsPhilippe Brugere-TrelatStanding By Convictions in European Equities2014-07-24
BlackRockRuss KoesterichMore Volatility Ahead?2014-07-24
Smead Capital ManagementWilliam SmeadU.S. Stock Market on the “Edge of Tomorrow”2014-07-23
Halbert Wealth ManagementGary HalbertEconomic Outlook Dimming, Yet Fed Plans Rate Hikes2014-07-23
Osterweis Capital ManagementTeamU.S. Equities Continue to Look Attractive: Equity Investment Outlook2014-07-23
F.A.S.T. GraphsTeamShould EMC Corp Break Itself Apart?: FAST FUNdamental Analysis2014-07-23
Pinnacle Advisory GroupRick VollaroIt’s Not Time to Pull the Portfolio Ripcord… Yet2014-07-23
Confluence Investment ManagementBill O'GradyThe German Spy Scandal2014-07-23
The Royce FundsTeamDoes Active Management Succeed in International Small-Caps?2014-07-23
WisdomTreeRick HarperLong Commodities, Short Contango via Commodity Currencies2014-07-23
WBI InvestmentsGary StroikTruth and Consequences2014-07-23
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