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Firm Name Author Title Date
Invesco BlogJanet LubyDynamic and Durable Growth - Part 1: A Biotech/Pharma Revolution2014-07-28
WisdomTreeJeremy SchwartzIndian Budget: Converting Promises into Policies2014-07-28
Brounes & AssociatesRon BrounesAnd That's The Week That Was2014-07-28
Thomas White InternationalTeamEmerging Europe: Regional Economic Review - Q2 20142014-07-28
U.S. Global InvestorsFrank HolmesDesperately Seeking a Cheaper Kilowatt Hour2014-07-28
GaveKal CapitalTeamForeign Investors are Fancying Japanese Stocks Again2014-07-28
Raymond JamesJeffrey SautHow High is High? (To Whom?)2014-07-28
Raymond JamesScott BrownAre Interest Rates “Too Low?”2014-07-28
Hussman FundsJohn HussmanYes, This Is An Equity Bubble 2014-07-28
PIMCOJerome SchneiderMoney Market Reform: Reflections on This Critical Inflection Point for Cash Liquidity Investing2014-07-28
Winthrop Capital ManagementGregory HahnSecond Quarter Economic & Capital Market Summary2014-07-28
Mauldin EconomicsJohn MauldinTime to Put a New Economic Tool in the Box2014-07-27
Sungarden Investment ResearchRobert Isbitts“WIMPY” – Implications of Massive Government Stimulus2014-07-26
U.S. Global InvestorsFrank HolmesSecond Quarter Earnings: Marching Toward a Strong Recovery 2014-07-26
Northern TrustCarl TannenbaumWeekly Economic Commentary2014-07-26
Russell InvestmentsAndrew PeaseMid-Year Outlook: Beware that Peaceful, Easy Feeling2014-07-26
Matthews AsiaAndy RothmanConsumption and Services Deliver Healthy Growth2014-07-26
Eaton VanceMichael Weilheimer, Steve Concannon, Will ReardonLooking for Attractive Income with Less Volatility than Equities?2014-07-25
AdvisorSharesAde OdunsiWhat Are Gold Option Markets Telling Us? 2014-07-25
Research AffiliatesShane ShepherdThe Outlook for Emerging Market Bonds2014-07-25
Guggenheim PartnersScott MinerdThe Hangover2014-07-25
Optimus Advisory GroupTeamMaintaining A Constant Standard Of Living Is Very Difficult 2014-07-25
Euro Pacific CapitalPeter SchiffYellen: Where No Man Has Gone Before2014-07-25
EnvestnetZachary Karabell Market Valuations and the Theory of Relativity2014-07-25
Saturna CapitalScott KlimoThe 401(k) Event Horizon2014-07-25
Eaton VanceScott Page, Craig Russ, Christopher RemingtonThink Floating-Rate Loans Are Just a Rate Hedge? Think Again. 2014-07-25
WisdomTreeJeremy SchwartzSmall Caps in Focus Following Fed Comments2014-07-24
Osterweis Capital ManagementCarl Kaufman, Simon Lee, Bradley KaneThe Sub Par Recovery Continues: Fixed Income Investment Outlook2014-07-24
Mar Vista Investment PartnersBrian MasseyMar Vista Investment Partners Second Quarter 2014 Review2014-07-24
Merk InvestmentsAxel MerkInstability is the New Normal? 2014-07-24
GaveKal CapitalTeamKeep An Eye on Commercial Bank Liquidity Trends2014-07-24
Franklin Templeton InvestmentsPhilippe Brugere-TrelatStanding By Convictions in European Equities2014-07-24
BlackRockRuss KoesterichMore Volatility Ahead?2014-07-24
Smead Capital ManagementWilliam SmeadU.S. Stock Market on the “Edge of Tomorrow”2014-07-23
Halbert Wealth ManagementGary HalbertEconomic Outlook Dimming, Yet Fed Plans Rate Hikes2014-07-23
Osterweis Capital ManagementTeamU.S. Equities Continue to Look Attractive: Equity Investment Outlook2014-07-23
F.A.S.T. GraphsTeamShould EMC Corp Break Itself Apart?: FAST FUNdamental Analysis2014-07-23
Pinnacle Advisory GroupRick VollaroIt’s Not Time to Pull the Portfolio Ripcord… Yet2014-07-23
Confluence Investment ManagementBill O'GradyThe German Spy Scandal2014-07-23
The Royce FundsTeamDoes Active Management Succeed in International Small-Caps?2014-07-23
WisdomTreeRick HarperLong Commodities, Short Contango via Commodity Currencies2014-07-23
WBI InvestmentsGary StroikTruth and Consequences2014-07-23
Castleton PartnersTeamWeekly Market Update2014-07-22
Anderson GriggsKendall AndersonFive Reasons to Buy and Hold Shares of Great Companies2014-07-22
AdvisorSharesDoug Holt, Tim GramatovichThe Opportunity in Unconventional Oil2014-07-22
WisdomTreeBradley KromCause and Effect: Bank of Japan Becomes Government’s Largest 2014-07-22
PIMCOMichael Connor, Markus AakkoIs Timing Everything? Practical Implementation of Tail Risk Hedging??2014-07-22
Matthews AsiaKenneth LoweAnatomy of a Moat2014-07-22
FortigentRyan Davis, Brian Payne2014 Another Ho Hum Year from Hedge Funds2014-07-22
Invesco BlogRick GolodMid-Year Review: Interest-Rate Sensitive Stocks May Correct With First Fed Rate Hike2014-07-21
GaveKal CapitalTeamGerman And French 10-2 Spread Flattest In The Last 5 Years2014-07-21
GMOJulie KoeningerA Farmland Investment Primer2014-07-21
WisdomTreeJeremy SchwartzSmart Beta in Action: Taking Chips Off the Small-Cap European Table 2014-07-21
Hussman FundsJohn HussmanOptimism vs. Arithmetic2014-07-21
Mauldin EconomicsJohn MauldinGDP: A Brief But Affectionate History2014-07-20
U.S. Global InvestorsFrank HolmesThe Municipal Bond World, According to John Derrick2014-07-19
Northern TrustCarl Tannenbaum Weekly Economic Commentary2014-07-19
Sungarden Investment ResearchRobert IsbittsRed Shoots - Today's Top Investor Concerns (Also Known as the Investors "Dirty Dozen")2014-07-19
Advisor Perspectives ( ShortECRI Recession Watch: Weekly Update2014-07-19
Franklin Templeton InvestmentsChristopher Molumphy, Michael Materasso, Roger Bayston, Michael Hasenstab, and John BeckPerspectives from the Franklin Templeton Fixed Income Group2014-07-19
Matthews AsiaAndy RothmanUnderstanding Chinese Volatility2014-07-19
Charles SchwabLiz Ann Sonders, Brad Sorensen & Michelle GibleyBull Stumbles2014-07-19
AdvisorSharesYung LimComparison of Rising Rates Strategies2014-07-18
Raymond JamesScott BrownReaching Escape Velocity?2014-07-18
Raymond JamesJeffrey SautFireside Chats2014-07-18
AdvisorSharesHeather RuppHigh Yield versus Equities2014-07-18
Richard Bernstein AdvisorsRichard BernsteinLack of Corporate Hubris Means Elongated Cycle2014-07-18
Guinness Atkinson Asset ManagementMatthew PagePhysics Envy2014-07-18
Brounes & AssociatesRon BrounesAnd That's The Week That Was2014-07-18
AdvisorSharesAde OdunsiWhy We Favor Owning Gold in Euro Terms2014-07-18
ProVise Management GroupRay FerraraProVise Bullets2014-07-18
GaveKal CapitalTeamDecomposing the S&P 500 PE Ratio by Market Cap: Most Stocks Look Expensive2014-07-18
AdvisorSharesJames CalhounWhy Japan? Why Now?2014-07-18
Franklin Templeton InvestmentsChristopher Molumphy, Roger BaystonFixed Income Outlook: Moving From Zero2014-07-18
U.S. Global InvestorsFrank HolmesDomestic and Indian Gold Rally Points to a Strong Second Half2014-07-18
BlackRockRuss KoesterichIs it Time to Prepare for Inflation?2014-07-18
GMOBen InkerFree Lunches and the Food Truck Revolution2014-07-18
GMOJeremy GranthamSummer Essays2014-07-18
Columbia ManagementJeff KnightConstraints of Convention - Does a Portfolio Design Have to Be Static?2014-07-17
Diamond Hill InvestmentsTod SchneiderMind the Gap2014-07-17
The Royce FundsCharlie DreifusEquities Remain Resilient in Current Environment2014-07-17
SMC Fixed Income ManagementTeamMunicipal Market Perspectives2014-07-17
TCW Asset ManagementTad RivelleTrading Secrets: The Fed’s Maginot Line2014-07-17
Guggenheim PartnersScott MinerdThe Tolling Bells of Complacency2014-07-17
WisdomTreeJeremy SchwartzHow the Europe Small-Cap Portfolio Changed at the Rebalance 2014-07-17
Broadleaf PartnersDoug MacKayQuick Thoughts2014-07-17
Hoisington Investment ManagementVan Hoisington, Lacy HuntQuarterly Review and Outlook, Second Quarter 20142014-07-17
Eaton VanceEdward PerkinWhat Inning is the Bull Market In?2014-07-16
FinaMetricaGeoff DaveyDanger of Increased Risk Taking as Markets Boom2014-07-16
Chelsea Global AdvisorsEdward Talisse Road Kill2014-07-16
Halbert Wealth ManagementGary HalbertU.S. Now World’s Largest Producer of Oil & Gas2014-07-16
October Three ConsultingBrian DonohueAnalysis of Ayres and Curtis Critique of 401(k) Plans2014-07-16
WisdomTreeJeremy SchwartzDissecting the Japan Hedged Equity Rebalance2014-07-16
Janus Capital GroupDan KozlowskiTime to Invest in Change2014-07-15
Advisors Asset ManagementMatt LloydThe High Tide in China2014-07-15
Eaton VanceKathleen Gaffney What Risks Are Worth Taking in the Bond Markets Now? 2014-07-15
FortigentChris Maxey, Ryan DavisThe Fed Announces Its Intentions2014-07-15
Castleton PartnersTeamWeekly Market Update2014-07-15
Allianz Global InvestorsKristina HooperFlip Floppers Drive Stocks Lower2014-07-15
Confluence Investment ManagementBill O'GradyThe Dollar Weapon2014-07-15
Project SyndicateRobert ShillerBooming Until It Hurts?2014-07-15
WisdomTreeJeremy Schwartz Is the Euro the New Yen?2014-07-15
Flexible Plan InvestmentsJerry WagnerDo You REALLY Know How to Tie Your Shoes?2014-07-15
PIMCODavid BraunThe New Neutral: Investment Implications for Insurance Companies2014-07-15
Smead Capital ManagementWilliam Smead2Q 2014 Newsletter: Avoiding Your Portfolio’s Enemies 2014-07-15
Guggenheim PartnersTeamHigh-Yield and Bank Loan Outlook2014-07-15
Nuveen Asset ManagementRobert DollEconomic Signals Are Improving, Which Should Help Equity Prices2014-07-14
Franklin Templeton InvestmentsEd PerksStrategies for Income-Seeking Investors2014-07-14
GaveKal CapitalTeamRisk of European Counter-Cyclical Underperformance in 2H20142014-07-14
Hussman FundsJohn HussmanOckham's Razor and the Market Cycle 2014-07-14
Invesco BlogStephen ToyEnergy: Shale Generates Tectonic Changes2014-07-14
WisdomTreeBradley KromRising Rates and the U.S. Dollar2014-07-14
Willingdon Wealth ManagementMichael KayesCol. Jessup and Rufus T. Firefly2014-07-14
Link Road Capital ManagementPatricia HigaseLife has Changed in Burma2014-07-13
U.S. Global InvestorsFrank Holmes2014 Commodities Halftime Report2014-07-12
The Royce FundsJim Harvey, Dilip BadlaniHong Kong: A Rich Market for Long-Term Investors2014-07-11
Matthews AsiaSiddharth BhargavaIndonesia: Hope for Change2014-07-11
Eaton VanceChristopher Remington, Michael Cirami, Kathleen Gaffney, Scott PageSolving the Income Puzzle 2014-07-11
Halbert Wealth ManagementGary HalbertWhy The Fed Needs You To Sell Your Bonds2014-07-11
CMG Capital Management GroupStephen BlumenthalForward P/E is Poor Valuation Tool 2014-07-11
Bennett Group Financial ServicesDawn BennettHousing Starts, Personal Consumption Expenditure and Durable Good Orders Show the Truth2014-07-11
Winthrop Capital ManagementGregory HahnThe End of Quantitative Easing 2014-07-10
Project SyndicateMohamed El-ErianThe Three-Track Middle East2014-07-10
BlackRockRuss KoesterichTwo Portfolio Moves to Consider after Second Half’s Strong Start2014-07-10
Franklin Templeton InvestmentsSheila Amoroso, Rafael CostasPerspectives on Puerto Rico Municipal Bonds2014-07-10
GaveKal CapitalTeamS&P500 is the Most Extended Above its 4-Year Moving Average Since 20002014-07-10
WisdomTreeJeremy SchwartzEurope’s Dividend Growth Explained2014-07-10
Guggenheim PartnersScott MinerdGuarding Against Complacency2014-07-10
PIMCOJohn MurrayAre Prices Too High in U.S. Commercial Real Estate??2014-07-10
F.A.S.T. GraphsChuck CarnevaleIs Dow 17,000 Dangerously High? This Comprehensive Review May Surprise You!2014-07-10
Raymond JamesJeffrey SautMaking a Market Call2014-07-09
Raymond JamesScott BrownGut Wrenching2014-07-09
Northern TrustTeamWill Firming Fundamentals Lead to a Firmer Fed?2014-07-09
WisdomTreeBradley KromU.S. & European Flows: Potential Opportunity in European Debt?2014-07-09
Project SyndicateJoseph StiglitzAmerican Delusions Down Under2014-07-09
Brounes & AssociatesRon BrounesAnd That's the Quarter That Was2014-07-09
Tocqueville Asset ManagementJohn HathawayTocqueville Gold Strategy Investor Letter: Second Quarter 20142014-07-09
PIMCORaja Mukherji, Ronie GangulyChoosing Winners in Asian Credit: Key Trends and Themes2014-07-09
October Three ConsultingBrian DonohueNew Analysis of 401(k) Plan Performance and Fees2014-07-09
Charter Trust CompanyMark UngewitterDealing With Red-Hot Markets2014-07-09
Smead Capital ManagementWilliam SmeadThe Internet is Brutally Efficient and Totally Agnostic2014-07-08
Flexible Plan InvestmentsJerry WagnerFour Characteristics of a Thunderstorm...and the Stock Market2014-07-08
WisdomTreeTripp ZimmermanManaging Valuation Risk by Rebalancing2014-07-08
Eaton VanceMichael Cirami, Eric Stein, John Baur, Matthew Murphy, Bradford GodfreyAn Allocation to Currencies May Provide Income and Lower an Overall Portfolio’s Volatility2014-07-08
FortigentChris Maxey, Ryan DavisWill Latest Jobs Report Force the Fed to Act?2014-07-08
Oak AssociatesMark OelschlagerVolatility Takes a Sabbatical2014-07-08
Evensky & KatzHarold EvenskyNewsletter2014-07-08
New Frontier AdvisorsRichard MichaudSlow but Steady Growth2014-07-08
Allianz Global InvestorsKristina HooperBlowout Jobs Data Won’t Trigger Quicker Rate Hike 2014-07-08
O'Shaughnessey Asset managementPatrick O'ShaughnessyThe Power of Share Repurchases2014-07-08
Invesco BlogJack DeinoIndia and Indonesia: Change, Challenge and Opportunity2014-07-07
Hussman FundsJohn HussmanQuotes on a Screen and Blotches of Ink 2014-07-07
GaveKal CapitalTeamLooking Back - Beta Drove Returns Last Week2014-07-07
Anderson GriggsKendall AndersonThe Prudent Investor’s Approach to Retirement Income2014-07-07
Project SyndicateKenneth RogoffEurope’s Debt Wish2014-07-07
Chelsea Global AdvisorsEdward TalisseThe Tide is High2014-07-07
Lark Research, Inc.Stephen PercocoTIPS Outperform in the 2014 Second Quarter and First Half2014-07-07
Sungarden Investment ResearchRobert IsbittsAdapt or Perish: The Retirement Financial Decision2014-07-07
Mauldin EconomicsJohn MauldinCentral Bank Smackdown2014-07-05
Russell InvestmentsStephen Wood2014 Mid-Year Outlook Update: “Living Actively” Forecast Continues2014-07-05
Matthews AsiaTeresa KongHarnessing Solar in China2014-07-05
Northern TrustCarl TannenbaumJune Employment Situation: Fitting Gift for America’s Birthday2014-07-05
U.S. Global InvestorsFrank HolmesI'm Grateful to Live in America. Here's Why.2014-07-05
Guggenheim PartnersScott MinerdThe Outlook for Yields2014-07-03
GaveKal CapitalTeamCan Copper Prices Continue Climbing?2014-07-03
BlackRockRuss KoesterichThe Consumption Drag: What it Means for Investors2014-07-03
Franklin Templeton InvestmentsMark MobiusMid-Year Emerging Markets Update: ‘Recovery Phase’2014-07-03
Research AffiliatesVitali Kalesnik, Engin KoseThe Moneyball of Quality Investing2014-07-03
PIMCOWilliam GrossOne Big Idea??2014-07-03
Optimus Advisory GroupSteve RumseyReality-Based Cost Of Living Index Tells The Real Reason Why So Many Americans Are Struggling2014-07-03
AdvisorSharesHeather RuppA Perspective on High Yield Spreads2014-07-03
AMG FundsTeamWhy Invest in International Now?2014-07-03
AMG FundsTeamOn Top of the Market Chart Book - "Global Equities Inch Forward in the First Quater"2014-07-02
Project SyndicateNouriel RoubiniGouging the Gauchos2014-07-02
Halbert Wealth ManagementGary Halbert1Q GDP Plunges Nearly 3% - What Will The Fed Do Now?2014-07-02
October Three ConsultingBrian DonohueJune 2014 Pension Finance Update 2014-07-02
Smead Capital ManagementWilliam SmeadForget 2008 While Avoiding Popularity2014-07-02
AdvisorSharesRoger NusbaumAlternative Investments: The Right Expectations2014-07-02
Columbia ManagementJonathan MogilTurmoil in Iraq — Implications for the Oil Markets2014-07-01
The Royce FundsChuck RoyceChuck Royce on 2Q14: Fundamentals Reassert Their Importance2014-07-01
LPL FinancialJeff KleintopLPL Financial Research Mid-Year Outlook 2014: Investor’s Almanac Field Notes2014-07-01
FPA FundsRobert Rodriguez Reality Check2014-07-01
Castleton PartnersTeamWeekly Market Update2014-07-01
Allianz Global InvestorsKristina HooperHousing Shows Fewer Cracks in Its Foundation 2014-07-01
FortigentChris Maxey, Brian PayneFixed Income Markets Cruise - What's Next?2014-07-01
Confluence Investment ManagementBill O'GradyThe 2014 Mid-Year Geopolitical Update2014-07-01
Advisors Asset ManagementRoberto RoffoWhere are Municipals Headed in the Second Half2014-07-01
Hussman FundsJohn HussmanThe Delusion of Perpetual Motion2014-06-30
Franklin Templeton InvestmentsLisa MyersTaking a Balanced View of Equities2014-06-30
GaveKal CapitalTeamRevisiting Valuation Extremes - 2008 to Now2014-06-30
Mauldin EconomicsJohn Mauldin The New Normal of Healthcare Spending2014-06-30
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