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Firm Name Author Title Date
Hussman FundsJohn HussmanThe Ingredients of a Market Crash 2014-09-29
Eaton VanceCraig Brandon, Adam WeigoldA Way to Address Higher Taxes and Rising Rates2014-09-29
Nuveen Asset ManagementRobert DollLooking Past the Risks, Equities Still Appear Attractive2014-09-29
PIMCOScott Mather, Tomoya Masanao, Adam Bowe Slower Growth in China and Japan Pressures the Region 2014-09-29
Andres Capital ManagementBob AndresShort Equity ETFs: An Imperfect Market Hedging Strategy2014-09-29
AdvisorSharesTim GramatovichTime for an Allocation2014-09-29
Mauldin EconomicsJohn MauldinThe End of Monetary Policy2014-09-28
Charles SchwabLiz Ann Sonders, Brad Sorensen, Michelle Gibley & Jeffrey KleintopClear Sailing…or Choppy Seas?2014-09-27
Sungarden Investment ResearchRobert IsbittsThe Elephant Leaves the Room2014-09-27
Northern TrustCarl TannenbaumWeekly Economic Commentary2014-09-27
U.S. Global InvestorsFrank Holmes5 Reasons Why Short-Term Municipal Bonds Make Sense Now2014-09-27
Advisor Perspectives ( ShortECRI Recession Watch: Weekly Update2014-09-26
Guggenheim PartnersScott MinerdAfter “Considerable Time,” Fed to Define “Highly Accommodative”2014-09-26
BlackRockRuss KoesterichMany Investors Still Fear Stocks: Good News for Markets?2014-09-26
Franklin Templeton InvestmentsChristopher MolumphyReading Fed Tea Leaves2014-09-26
Project SyndicateJoseph StiglitzEurope’s Austerity Zombies2014-09-26
EnvestnetZachary Karabell When it Comes to Interest Rates, Who Says What Comes Down Must Go Up?2014-09-26
AdvisorSharesBrian EvansLessons From The Past2014-09-26
Invesco BlogRick GolodGlobal Equities Stay Thirsty for Liquidity2014-09-25
U.S. Global InvestorsFrank HolmesChina Defies Analysts’ Predictions with an Encouraging PMI2014-09-25
BlackRockRuss KoesterichThree Reasons to Consider EM Asia2014-09-25
GaveKal CapitalTeamThe Largest Stocks Are Carrying The MSCI World Index2014-09-25
AdvisorSharesAde OdunsiGold and US Monetary Policy2014-09-25
PIMCOTareck Safi, Tom CollierEurope’s Commercial Real Estate Deleveraging: ‘Not Too Fast, Not Too Slow’?2014-09-25
LPL FinancialBurt WhiteDon’t Fight the ECB? Part 22014-09-25
Matthews AsiaYu ZhangAwakening Japan Inc.2014-09-25
WisdomTreeBradley KromPlaying Defense in Emerging Market Fixed Income2014-09-25
Columbia ManagementThomas EganHow Plan Sponsors Can Prepare for the Coming Changes to Mortality Tables2014-09-25
GaveKal CapitalTeamBull Market Mirage2014-09-24
Lord AbbettMilton EzratiU.S. Budget: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly2014-09-24
WisdomTreeChristopher GannattiIndia: A Bright Spot in Emerging Markets2014-09-24
Halbert Wealth ManagementGary HalbertFed Forecasts Sub-3% Economy for the Next Three Years2014-09-24
PIMCOVirginie Maisonneuve, Anne Gudefin Equities: Finding the Path to Value?2014-09-24
Cleary GullBrian Andrew Open Sesame2014-09-24
Smead Capital ManagementWilliam SmeadBuffett’s Passive Can of Worms2014-09-24
Raymond JamesScott BrownThe Dots2014-09-23
Raymond JamesJeffrey SautSisyphus Succeeds!2014-09-23
U.S. Global InvestorsFrank HolmesStocks Rally Following Janet Yellen’s Conference and Scotland’s Historic Referendum2014-09-23
GaveKal CapitalTeamKeeping Up With Global Relative Performance Trends2014-09-23
WisdomTreeRick Harper, Bradley KromThe U.S. Dollar is Rising, Interest Rates Could Be Next2014-09-23
Confluence Investment ManagementBill O'GradyBack to Iraq2014-09-23
Castleton PartnersTeamWeekly Market Update2014-09-23
AdvisorSharesYung LimEvaluating Break-Even Levels when Interest Rates Rise2014-09-22
Euro Pacific Precious MetalsEditorial Team at Peter Schiff’s Gold BlogDestroying the Dollar a Penny at a Time2014-09-22
Wasatch Funds Roger Edgley, Laura Geritz, Andrey Kutuzov, and Ajay KrishnanAlternative Approaches for Managing Emerging Market Equity Portfolios2014-09-22
BlackRockRuss KoesterichTwo Themes Investors Should Focus on Now2014-09-22
GaveKal CapitalTeamCopper Breaking Through Important Support as USD Continues to Surge2014-09-22
Nuveen Asset ManagementRobert DollA Lack of Surprises Helps Equity Markets Make Gains2014-09-22
Eaton VanceKathleen Gaffney, Kevin DachilleIt’s Time for Your Portfolio to Break from Tradition2014-09-22
Charles SchwabLiz Ann SondersFed Keeps “Considerable Time” … But Ups Rate Expectations Through 20172014-09-22
Hussman FundsJohn HussmanThe Ponzi Economy 2014-09-22
Invesco BlogJohn GreenwoodIt Will Take More Than ECB Rate Cuts for the Eurozone to Fully Recover2014-09-22
WisdomTreeBradley HarperYellen to the Markets: Come to Me2014-09-22
Tocqueville Asset ManagementFrancois SicartCertainty is Not the Same as Precision: What Feels Like Stability Often Is Only an Ephemeral Equilib2014-09-22
Mauldin EconomicsJohn MauldinWhere’s the Growth?2014-09-21
U.S. Global InvestorsFrank HolmesStocks Rally Following Janet Yellen's Conference and Scotland's Historic Referendum2014-09-20
Franklin Templeton InvestmentsTucker ScottA Revolutionary Idea: Investing in Europe (even Russia)2014-09-19
Clinton Investment ManagementAndrew ClintonMunicipal HY Attractive Relative to Corporate HY2014-09-19
Sungarden Investment ResearchRobert IsbittsBad Breadth2014-09-19
Northern TrustCarl TannenbaumWeekly Economic Commentary2014-09-19
Hennessy FundsDave Ellison Banking on the Growing Strength of the Financial System2014-09-19
Guggenheim PartnersScott MinerdWhy the Pennant Race Could Coincide with Market Volatility2014-09-19
Diamond Hill Capital Management, Inc.Krishna MohanrajPanic in Bermuda: When Your Business Turns into an “Interesting New Asset Class”2014-09-19
iSectorsChuck SelfFinding Appropriate Investment Strategies for Client Portfolios2014-09-19
Raymond JamesJeffrey SautThen and Now2014-09-18
Raymond JamesScott BrownMind Your Language!2014-09-18
GaveKal CapitalTeamMore than Half of EM Stocks are Down At Least 10% From Their High2014-09-18
Franklin Templeton InvestmentsBrooks Ritchey“You’re Going to Need a Bigger Boat”: Alpha and Interest Rates2014-09-18
U.S. Global InvestorsFrank HolmesThe Sand Demand: Finding Opportunities Beyond Direct Shale Plays2014-09-18
BlackRockRuss KoesterichWhat the Scottish Referendum & Fed News Could Mean for Investors2014-09-18
Columbia ManagementMarie SchofieldRoom to Run2014-09-18
AdvisorSharesAde OdunsiGold for the Long Run2014-09-18
Euro Pacific CapitalPeter SchiffA New Fed Playbook for the New Normal2014-09-18
Smead Capital ManagementCole SmeadThe Myth of Student Debt: Lies, Damned Lies and Statistics2014-09-18
Advisor Perspectives ( ShortMedian Household Incomes by Age Bracket: 1967-20132014-09-17
Advisor Perspectives ( ShortU.S. Household Incomes: A 46-Year Perspective2014-09-17
Bennett Group Financial ServicesDawn BennettWill the Scottish Vote on Independence Be the "Black Swan"to Financial Markets?2014-09-17
Euro Pacific Precious MetalsDickson BuchananAre Government Bonds Really "Safe"?2014-09-17
Broadleaf PartnersDoug MacKay, Bill HooverAmerica in the Driver’s Seat – Enjoy the Ride2014-09-17
Matthews AsiaKenichi AmakiAbenomics 2.02014-09-17
Project SyndicateMohamed El-ErianMarkets’ Rose-Tinted World2014-09-17
LPL FinancialJohn CanallyFall FOMC Watch2014-09-17
WisdomTreeRick Harper, Bradley KromFed Policy: From Tapering to Tightening2014-09-17
Willingdon Wealth ManagementMichael KayesDon't Be Surprised by Surprises2014-09-17
AdvisorSharesHeather RuppHigh Yield in a Rising Rate Environment: A Perspective on Historical Performance2014-09-16
Flexible Plan InvestmentsJerry WagnerIs Profiting in the Stock Market Based on Illusions?2014-09-16
Cambridge AdvisorsTeamEconomic Update2014-09-16
Confluence Investment ManagementKaisa Stucke, Bill O'GradyIndonesia2014-09-16
Value Line FundsTeamThe Case for Predictable Growth Stocks2014-09-16
FortigentChris Maxey, Ryan DavisStocks Slip on Quiet Data Week2014-09-16
Allianz Global InvestorsKristina HooperOf Kilts, Ballots, Bankers and Dots 2014-09-16
Richard Bernstein AdvisorsRichard BernsteinStocks vs. High Yield Munis2014-09-16
Robert W. BairdWillie DelwicheCycling Through History2014-09-16
Castleton PartnersTeamWeekly Market Update2014-09-16
Invesco BlogPaul CurboWhy Development Trumps Acquisitions in Our Real Estate Portfolios2014-09-15
Nuveen Asset ManagementRobert DollThe U.S. Is Diverging From Other Developed Markets2014-09-15
Bronfman E.L. RothschildBruce LaningThe Economy: September Viewpoint2014-09-15
Andres Capital ManagementBob AndresUnderstanding the Potential Risks and Rewards of Alternative Investments2014-09-15
PIMCOMark KieselEmphasize Barriers to Entry?2014-09-15
YCharts, Inc.Erik Kobayashi-SolomonGeneral Electric’s Business Strategy2014-09-15
Euro Pacific CapitalJohn BrowneA Wee Problem for the UK2014-09-15
Guggenheim PartnersScott MinerdBulls Charge Despite Weak Data2014-09-15
Mauldin EconomicsJohn MauldinWhat’s on Your Radar Screen?2014-09-14
Franklin Templeton InvestmentsPhilippe Brugere-TrelatWill the Russia-Ukraine Crisis Chill Europe’s Recovery?2014-09-13
Sungarden Investment ResearchRobert IsbittsAnarchy in the U.K.2014-09-13
Northern TrustCarl Tannenbaum Weekly Economic Commentary2014-09-13
U.S. Global InvestorsFrank HolmesPatiently Waiting for Mean Reversion2014-09-13
Charles SchwabLiz Ann SondersSchwab Market Perspective: Diverging Paths…Growing Risks?2014-09-12
AdvisorSharesAde OdunsiConditions are right for the dollar to weigh on gold2014-09-12
Columbia ManagementZach PandlU.S. rates — The Draghi floor2014-09-12
PIMCOSai S. DevabhaktuniDistressed Corporate Credit: A Tale of Two Markets?2014-09-12
Project SyndicateRobert ShillerParallels to 19372014-09-11
Calamos InvestmentsJohn CalamosWhy Growth Stocks Now?2014-09-11
Franklin Templeton InvestmentsDavid ZahnECB Measures Highlight Draghi’s Determination2014-09-11
GaveKal CapitalTeamMind the Gap-- or Absence Thereof!2014-09-11
Franklin Templeton InvestmentsMark MobiusThe Leapfrog: The Role of Technology in Accelerating Emerging Markets’ Growth2014-09-11
WisdomTreeJeremy SchwartzDiversifying With the Yen? Not if Japanese Equities Are Involved2014-09-11
Raymond JamesScott BrownAs The World Turns ...2014-09-11
Raymond JamesJeffrey SautCalm Down 22014-09-11
Euro Pacific CapitalPeter SchiffDoubling Down on Inflation2014-09-11
Matthews AsiaAndy RothmanUnderstanding China's Property Market2014-09-11
U.S. Global InvestorsFrank HolmesStrong U.S. Dollar Weakens Gold Prices this September2014-09-10
BlackRockRuss KoesterichA Global Growth Slowdown?2014-09-10
AdvisorSharesHeather RuppHigh Yield Bonds and Interest Rates2014-09-10
WisdomTreeJeremy SchwartzWhy Take Currency Risk if Diversification Benefit is Declining?2014-09-10
Merk InvestmentsAxel MerkScottish Independence Vote: Investor Implications2014-09-10
Halbert Wealth ManagementGary HalbertLabor Force Participation Lowest in 36 Years - Why?2014-09-10
Triad Investment ManagementJohn HeldmanPray for Rain2014-09-10
Janus Capital GroupChris DiazStaying Ahead of the Curve2014-09-09
LPL FinancialBurt White, Jeffrey BuchbinderBack to School With the Three Rs: Revenues, Reinvestment, and Renaissance2014-09-09
Smead Capital ManagementWilliam SmeadThe Risk of Permanent Loss2014-09-09
WisdomTreeJeremy SchwartzIs it Time to Take the Euro Out of Europe?2014-09-09
PIMCOPaul McCulleyEscape Fandango?2014-09-09
Confluence Investment ManagementBill O'GradyXi’s Purge2014-09-09
FortigentChris Maxey, Ryan DavisHiring Flounders in August and Extreme Seasonal Distortions2014-09-09
Allianz Global InvestorsKristina HooperDivergence2014-09-09
CCR Wealth ManagementThe CCR Wealth Management Investment CommitteeMarket Perspective2014-09-09
AllianceBernsteinTara Thompson Popernik What Tax Strategies Make Sense for You?2014-09-08
Nuveen Asset ManagementRobert DollA Choppy Path Stretches Ahead, but It Could Favor Equities2014-09-08
GaveKal CapitalTeamOnly 37% of Companies Are Seeing Rising Sales Estimates2014-09-08
Invesco BlogVirginia AuSearching for Value in Global Small-Cap Stocks2014-09-08
Hussman FundsJohn HussmanThe Two Pillars of Full-Cycle Investing2014-09-08
Andres Capital ManagementBob AndresAre Municipals Allergic to Basel?2014-09-08
iSectorsVern SumnichtCorrelation Convergence is Hurting Your Investment Performance2014-09-08
Mauldin EconomicsJohn MauldinEurope Takes the QE Baton2014-09-07
Charles SchwabLiz Ann SondersBack in the Saddle Again: Time to Pull in the Reins?2014-09-06
Advisor Perspectives ( ShortECRI Recession Watch: Weekly Update2014-09-06
Sungarden Investment ResearchRobert IsbittsRoll ‘Em if You’ve Got ‘Em2014-09-06
Northern TrustCarl TannenbaumWeekly Economic Commentary2014-09-06
Franklin Templeton InvestmentsGrant BowersAre US Stocks Reacting Rationally?2014-09-06
U.S. Global InvestorsFrank HolmesThe New Challenges of Price Discovery2014-09-06
Tocqueville Asset ManagementFrancois SicartA Letter to My Grandson About Entering the Working Life2014-09-05
Matthews AsiaPatricia HuangTennis star Li Na exemplifies China's newfound entrepreneurial spirit.2014-09-05
Voya Investment ManagementDouglas CotéVoya Global Perspectives – Market Update2014-09-05
U.S. Global InvestorsFrank HolmesRemember, Remember, Gold in September2014-09-05
GaveKal CapitalTeamCyclicals: Early or Late2014-09-05
AdvisorSharesAde OdunsiGold in the Time of the US Dollar2014-09-05
PIMCONicola MaiWill Russia Derail the Eurozone Recovery?2014-09-05
Research AffiliatesFeifei Li, Philip LawtonTrue Grit: The Durable Low Volatility Effect2014-09-05
Euro Pacific CapitalJohn BrowneMarkets Climb as World Faces Crisis2014-09-05
Oaktree CapitalHoward MarksRisk Revisited2014-09-04
Ivy Investment Management CompanyDavid GintherU.S. Oil Industry, Economy Feel Effects of Shale Revolution2014-09-04
PIMCOLibby CantrillCongress Will Go Out With a Whimper, But the Next Could Come In With a Roar2014-09-04
Schroders Investment ManagementKeith WadeGlobal: Recovery Continues, but Headwinds Persist2014-09-04
Merk InvestmentsAxel MerkWhat's Next for the Dollar and Gold?2014-09-04
Guggenheim PartnersScott MinerdCentral Banks Pump Up the Volume2014-09-04
LPL FinancialBurt White, Jeffrey BuchbinderMidterms May Mean More Gains for Stocks2014-09-04
Smead Capital ManagementWilliam SmeadCould a China Recession Cause $50/barrel Crude Oil?2014-09-04
Thomas White InternationalTeamEmerging Markets Equity Commentary: July, 20142014-09-04
Thomas White InternationalTeamInternational Equity Commentary: July, 20142014-09-04
Thomas White InternationalTeamDeveloped Europe: Regional Economic Review - Q2 20142014-09-04
Invesco BlogMatthew DennisAll Eyes on the ECB as Europe’s Recovery Remains Fragile2014-09-03
R Squared Capital ManagementRiad Younes International Developed and Emerging Markets2014-09-03
PIMCOWilliam GrossFor Wonks Only???2014-09-03
AdvisorSharesTim GramatovichThe Peritus Process Managing Risk2014-09-03
Lord AbbettMilton EzratiState and Local Governments Outpace the Feds2014-09-03
Euro Pacific CapitalJohn BrowneDespite Growing Risks it's Still Janet Yellen's Market2014-09-03
FortigentRyan DavisS&P Hits the 2,000 Mark2014-09-03
Voya Investment ManagementChristine Hurtsellers, Matt TomsVoya Fixed Income Perspectives – August 20142014-09-03
Halbert Wealth ManagementGary HalbertConsumer Confidence Hits a Seven-Year High... But2014-09-03
Advisor Perspectives ( ShortIs the Stock Market Cheap?2014-09-02
Nuveen Asset ManagementRobert DollStronger Growth Should Push Equities Higher2014-09-02
AllianceBernsteinStuart Rae, John LinChina’s Reforms Open New Path to Equities2014-09-02
Franklin Templeton InvestmentsMark MobiusBanking on BRICS2014-09-02
GaveKal CapitalTeamUS Home Prices Rise In July2014-09-02
PIMCOJoshua Anderson, Emmanuel Sharef, Jason Mandinach Late, Not Lost: The Economic Drag From the Millennial Generation2014-09-02
Project SyndicateKenneth RogoffThe Exaggerated Death of Inflation2014-09-02
Project SyndicateJoseph StiglitzDemocracy in the Twenty-First Century2014-09-01
Mauldin EconomicsJohn MauldinGrowth2014-09-01
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