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Mauldin Economics John Mauldin The US Dollar and the Cone of Uncertainty 12/22/14
Nuveen Asset Management Robert Doll A Look Back at 2014 (and a 2015 Preview) 12/22/14
Invesco Blog Walter Davis Completing the Alternative Investments Puzzle: Putting the Pieces Together 12/22/14
AllianceBernstein Tara Thompson Popernik This Deal Won’t Last: Give to Charity Now! 12/22/14
BlackRock Russ Koesterich Stars Align This Holiday Shopping Season 12/22/14
Euro Pacific Capital Peter Schiff Could an Energy Bust Trigger QE4? 12/22/14
GaveKal Capital Team 4 Sectors That May Be Worth Avoiding 12/22/14
AdvisorShares Roger Nusbaum Jorge Posada’s (Financial) Slump 12/22/14
Willingdon Wealth Management Ted Ake Come and Listen to a Story About a Man Named Jed 12/22/14
New Arc Investments Jeff Miller Weighing the Week Ahead: Time for the 2015 Pundit Forecasts! 12/22/14
The Fat Pitch Urban Carmel Weekly Market Summary 12/21/14
AllianceBernstein John Taylor and Dennis Shen European QE Draws Attention to Irish Bonds 12/21/14
Hussman Funds John Hussman Iceberg at the Starboard Bow 12/21/14
Charles Schwab Liz Ann Sonders Your Time is Gonna Come: From “Considerable Time” to “Patient” 12/21/14
Econtrarian Paul Kasriel The 2014 Festivus Airing of Grievances 12/21/14
PIMCO Sachin Gupta, Tomoya Masanao The Second Wind of Abenomics? 12/21/14
PIMCO Markus Aakko, Rene Martel, Kate Tan Rising Insurance Premiums: A New Impetus for Voluntary Funding of Corporate Defined Benefit Plans 12/21/14
Sungarden Investment Research Robert Isbitts 2014 In Review: A Good Year to Avoid “Performance Envy” 12/21/14
U.S. Global Investors Frank Holmes The $330 Billion Global Tax Break 12/20/14
Northern Trust Carl Tannenbaum Weekly Economic Commentary 12/20/14
Streettalk Live Lance Roberts 5 Things To Ponder: Variegated Contemplations 12/19/14
LPL Financial Burt White Will Shoppers Bring Holiday Cheer for Markets? 12/19/14
Russell Investments Andrew Pease Will 2015 Remain a Central Banker’s World? 12/19/14 Dwaine Van Vuuren Valuation estimate of SP500 2015 returns : 2,246 target 12/19/14
PIMCO Mark Kiesel Outlook for the Global Credit Markets in 2015 12/19/14
PIMCO Andrew Balls, Andrew Bosomworth, Lorenzo Pagani Testing the Limits of Monetary Policy Without Fiscal Union 12/19/14
Research Affiliates Jason Hsu The Promise of Smart Beta 12/19/14
Guinness Atkinson Asset Management Edward Guinness Solar Growth Not Impacted by Oil 12/19/14
PIMCO Saumil Parikh, Daniel Ivascyn A Rising Tide Lifts Most Boats 12/19/14
LPL Financial Anthony Valeri Tempting TIPS 12/19/14
Osterweis Capital Management John Osterweis, Matt Berler, Carl Kaufman 2014 Year End Letter 12/18/14
Guggenheim Partners Scott Minerd A Tale of Two Markets 12/18/14
First Trust Advisors Brian Wesbury, Robert Stein Rate Hikes To Start in 2015 12/18/14
Forward Ian Goltra Touching Base on the Commercial Real Estate Recovery 12/18/14
Diamond Hill Capital Management, Inc. Austin Hawley When is a “Turnaround” Not Really a “Turnaround”? 12/18/14
Heartland Advisors Robert Sharpe Why We Expect Japan to Regain Favor with Investors 12/18/14
AdvisorShares Dennis Rhee Does Victory For Abe Mean Defeat For The Yen? 12/18/14
Franklin Templeton Investments Eric Takaha 2015 Investment Outlook: US Credit Cycle Tiptoes into Middle Age 12/18/14
Transfer Solutions Wim Grommen Will the European Union Reindex Stock Markets to 100 points? 12/18/14
LPL Financial Anthony Valeri Tempting TIPS 12/18/14
AllianceBernstein Patrick Rudden Are Bonds Really Less Risky than Equities? 12/17/14
GaveKal Capital Team The Median Stock Is Once Again Negative YTD 12/17/14
Halbert Wealth Management Gary Halbert Plunging Oil Prices Spark Fears of Global Recession 12/17/14
AdvisorShares Michael Marinus Young If Corporate America Is Investing in Sustainability, Then Why Aren’t You? 12/17/14
Smead Capital Management William Smead Where Did The New Middle Class Citizens Go? 12/17/14
Mauldin Economics John Mauldin Oil, Employment, and Growth 12/16/14
Raymond James Jeffrey Saut Please Make it Stop! 12/16/14
Raymond James Scott Brown High Anxiety 12/16/14
Flexible Plan Investments Jerry Wagner Is the Grinch Stealing Investors’ Christmas? 12/16/14
BlackRock Russ Koesterich More Turbulence Ahead? 12/16/14
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