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Reader Favorites: A Countdown
U.S. Global Investors
By Frank Holmes
December 27, 2012

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The days between Christmas and New Year’s are ideal times to reflect on the topics that captured your interest the most over the past year. To help uncover the top commentaries that were discussed, shared and read, we went data mining across news and social media sources. Over the next few days, I’ll be counting down the top 10, concluding with the Investor Alert on Friday.


10. Worried about Higher Taxes? Take Action

Bonds as an investment vehicle were about as popular as Canadian singer Carly Rae Jepsen’s “Call Me Maybe” song, with investors pouring more than $300 billion flowing into bond mutual funds while nearly $135 billion exited equity mutual funds as of mid-December, according to data from Investment Company Institute.

With the increased popularity in U.S. Global’s bond funds, I asked John Derrick to give an update on the municipal bond environment and the fiscal challenges affecting municipalities. One particular comment struck a cord with the Wall Street Journal. In “Meredith Whitney Blew a Call—And Then Some,” writer David Weidner mentioned the fact that we were skeptical of the prediction, as Whitney’s prediction hadn’t come to pass. In fact, we indicated that municipal bonds were as resilient as ever.

9. Heart of China Bull Beats Strong

I wrote this commentary on January 30, following a debate I had with one of the most notorious China bears at the Cambridge House’s Vancouver Resource Investment Conference. This debate came on the heels of a year when the level of articles questioning the possibility of a “China crash” went through the roof.

Number of Articles Discussing the Potential of China's 'Hard Landing'

I was clearly in the minority camp with my bullish opinion on China, and the cloud of negative sentiment hung around for most of the year. Beginning with this post in January, I have encouraged investors to not be distracted by headlines or short-term news as I believed the government had great determination along with a long-term focus on building the necessary infrastructure and a robust urban labor market.

Many of these ideas were featured in my presentation for Cambridge House, which was subsequently picked up and posted by Business Insider. My “EPIC” presentation invoked an “epic” response, as it garnered more than 90,000 page views.

Surprisingly, just recently, people have become more bullish on China, as economic and manufacturing data shows improvement. With the new leadership and many reforms underway, I expect to continue the conversation on what the future holds for China and what effect this will have on commodities over the course of 2013.

8. What the Next Decade Holds for Commodities

Speaking of China and commodities, it’s no surprise that this commentary made the top 10, as our long-time readers look forward to our updated periodic table of commodities. Sports buffs can’t get enough of players’ stats; commodity investors love to see how each resource rank from year to year.


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